Nutrients for root growth?

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  1. I feel like a newb when asking , but I have had a couple successfully grows using GH lucas formula. I've been reading a lot on other nutrients and I would like to experiment. So I was wondering, anyone else using GH do you use anything else for root growth, or any other nutes for your girl that you use along with GH?

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    I used liquid karma and protekt with gh
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    Roots Excelurator by House&Garden , its amazing.

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  4. vf-11 and cal mag are all you really need. you can spend alot more if you want to but for an easy mix you can't really go wrong with this mix...
  5. I run hydroguard, ligud karma, for roots but I also run most of the botanicare products. All answer on here are adequate h&g is expensive and just throughing in calmag is cool hut you can do better. I like b to say you can grow weed with water but if you want conisouer quality cannabis you need to run more then that.
  6. I use Dutch masters zone for the root zone. It sterilizes the reservoir and promotes healthy root development.

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    A trick you told me long ago.  its all I have ever used.
  8. yea man. i mean, i'm sure the additives can be beneficial, but maintaining an optimum environment is all it takes
    I also try to avoid a large number of products so if the grow goes funny I dont have to do 10 diagnosis.
    just like my doctor has me on 13 prescriptions and feel like shit most the time. (no narcotics) but anyway its hard to tell whats going on.
    Right now im running earth juice sugar peek bloom, cal mag and water. Works great!
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    looking beautiful man.
    keeping it simple really does make the entire process much smoother.
    easy ratio of nutes to mix. don't even need a chart, (or a ppm or  ph meter) anymore when mixing. just check the res every so often and balance if need be.  your air pumps (and lamps B) ) do all the work ;)
    come chop time, you need a fukin chainsaw to break my roots
    this is one plant heading into flower. only 3 1/2 weeks old :D
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    this one, if i recall correctly, was first run on lucas formula 8ml Micro 16ml Bloom per gallon. that's it
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    even for nutrients in general....
    so many ppl used so much shit in their soup.
    first off, i hope you flush for a minimum of 2 weeks, because it takes 8-9 days for the roots to be clear of the nutrients. (check ur ppms if you don't believe me). i imagine it takes even longer in soil
    secondly, all that shit makes ur ppm's skyrocket unnecessarily, then ppm rises again after balancing. 1 ml of ph is like 20 or so ppm ;) maybe even more, kinda high can't recall exactly. a ppm over 900 is gonna cause issues and with all the nutes, as Snoop said, makes it hard to diagnose issues.
    with lucas formula, at full strength, ppm is 900 every time after ph'ing. i end up having to dilute a bit even still.
    don't need all that shit in your soup. by all means, do what works for you, js :D
    hope you all have bountiful harvests :smoke:
  12. Totally agree with everything you just wrote. Before I began my current 1st grow I read as many grow journals as I could since I was so excited and was almost turned off to growing when I read people starting up with a bazillion additives with names like "liquid karma" "bloom this and that" in addition to their normal nutes.
    Went with lucas formula (save $$$) and full strength is right at around 900ppm. ph is lower than I would like but it seems to rise a bit after a few days.
    At first I thought I was going to need to add shit to the roots, they were getting a little brown (and growth was slowly stalling, I figured oh no I need to supplement some nutes!) but I threw in a 30watt 40lpm pump and it cleared right up. Recently added great white just to experiment cause honest to god I got sort of bored with DWC once everything was in check. I'm only growing 1 plant DWC.
    DO, regular nutes, air circulation, and lights in check = happy plants and roots
    Of course different things work for different growers so definitely experiment, for me it was getting the basics in check and my plant is thriving =]
    Hope your harvest are bountiful as well theanswer121! 

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