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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nort56, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. I am getting some purple tinge in the stems of my sprouts, I have read and think I know what to get for them. I am in CA. and was wondering can anyone suggest a good brand of nitrogen heavy solution that I can pick up from my local nursery or will Miracle Grow patio food do the trick. I f anyone has another opinion on why the stems are purple then please enlighten me.
  2. The contents of any fertilizer will be listed on the label, look for three numbers like:

    12-6-6 or 5-10-5, etc.

    Those are N-P-K, % Nitrogen, % Phosphorus, % Potassium that is in the fertilizer. They are always in that order so it's easy to see what your fert is providing! Generally people use high N during vegetative growth and high P during flowering.

    But since your plant is still a sprout, you may want to hold off fertilizing it until it's bigger and stronger. In addition, sometimes a sprout just has a purple or red stem -- I've had one that came up like that, and later became greener. So I wouldn't sweat it too much at this point :)
  3. Thanks for the reply and since they are just a week old I will wait and see, I am using supersoil which has a ph of 5.5-6.5 on the bag and says no ferts for 90 days. I guess i am just worried that the will die and it could be prevented lus some of te manuals and books i have read talk about the purple tint and how it means insufficient nutrients.
    thanks again
  4. most likely its part of the plants genetics. if your seedlings are growing nice and healthy, i wouldnt worry about nutes anytime soon, not at least till your 3rd week
  5. Thanks N.D. There are a lot of folks that submit threads but only a few reply, your help is good karma back at ya!
    Peace out. will post some pics when i figure out how to get my webcam into the closet.
  6. They are growing like WEEDS! two are in the lights, they are the ones that broke surface first and sixth, so much so that i have to raise one end of my fixture to keep them under the bulbs. it is exciting cause i never grew nothin before and these seem indesructable. when i was trying to transplant #1 it fell over and the root was kind of exposed but that baby is climbing for the sky and the leaves are green and healthy on all of them then i had to repot it to get in furthur down into the pot and it fell again!!! not one signof weakness, it's really amazing. Thanks for the advice and when i get better at this i will try to help others who are starting.

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