Nutrients for a indoor soil grow

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  1. Im new to growing and am gonna grow in fox farms ocean forest mix, but i don’t know what nutrients to incorporate or dosage per gallon. Im also going to be running seed junky genetics so i want to achieve the best result. Any tips or recommendations? Willing to spend the extra money on good nutrients
  2. I'm growing autos in FFOF soil, amended with perlite, seedling mix, Gaia Green 4-4-4 (veg) & 2-8-4 (flower) fertilizer and "Myke" mycorhizzae.
    I started using Remo Nutrients I've been pretty happy overall.
    I'll keep using the same stuff for my next grow but i'll be adjusting my feeding schedule a little.
    I can't really speak for other nutes aside from Remo but there's lots of good choices out there.
    Best of luck!
  3. Some growers have had pretty good luck with Fox Farm's Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula. But they don't use them until much later in the grow. Fox Farm's soil itself should give the plants the necessary nutrients to last a good 2 months or so without the need of extra nutes. Once it's time to start adding liquid nutes to the soil, it's recommended to start with 1/2 (or less) the recommended strength on the bottles and raise the doses as the plants get bigger.
  4. Have you personally used Fox Farm soil? No way anyone gets 2 months out of that soil without additional nutes. Barely gave me 2 weeks before my plants were hungry.
  5. My girls wouldn’t have made it 2 months without additional fertilizer.
    I started at 30% of the recommended amount of Remo Nutrients after about a month and the effect was immediately noticeable.
  6. Kind Soil.

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