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  1. For several months, I've been trying to educate myself on growing marijuana indoors. I've created two grow boxes, one pc box, and one mini fridge box. They're both up and running, and now I'm ready to start my grow. Ive got some white rhino, northern lights, and white berry to grow. I'm confident on everything EXCEPT soil and nutrients. I don't understand anything. I heard master's pride pro is good soil, but I know the soil you get has to corrospond with the nutrients. I would love premixed soil, but I don't want to skimp on quality for simplicity. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. I use miracle grow potting mix. My plants are growing really well

  3. What nutrient system do you use?
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    and another thread called " water only no nutes" in the same forum. Those gave me a better idea what to look for. But I did have one question

    I just picked up some fox farm ocean fresh, but I have read that it is hot for clones first few weeks.

    I could be saving some money by going to gardner and bloom potting soil and spend the save money on pc fan

    What is a good nute that can be found in stores. They also have the fox farm nutes, but if i can save money and get a quality product I rather do so.

    I was thinking of gardner and bloom all purpose fertilizer? 4-4-4 what ya think?

    or if im reading correctly fox farm would feed up to 1 month. since im growing micro grow would the nutrients in fox farm or even gardner and bloom be enough without further nutes? Since flower will be about 6-8 weeks im assuming and the last 2-3 weeks are straight flushing no nutes?

    Help me out thanks
  5. Brother if at all possible do not use miracle grow. It will only make it all the harder for you in the beginning. Plants get burned and the ph can be all fucked up and you don't even want to have to think about that your first time around. That soil comes with nutrients in it and they're chemical nutes.

    IMO you want something that's a soilless mix meaning its not dirt. It's sphagnum moss and perlite and shit like that. It comes with beneficial bacteria in it and lime to help the ph of the soil in a good place. It comes with enough nutrients in it that it will last three weeks then you begin adding nutrients yourself. Go organic. Find a hydro shop and buy good organic nutrients like pura vida like I use and earth juice and earthworm castings
    Earthworm castings gets added to the promix soilless mix to add a seedling safe nitrogen to it and it really helps the plant along in the beginning and its safe and won't burn them. After three weeks you use one half strength grow and in flowering you use one half strength bloom. You only need to use the nutrients every second or third watering
    Bro its really a forgiving medium for a begginer. You can very easily flush the mix by running water through it. For all purposes it's dirt from your yard. But it's made of better stuff. It holds the roots and the water you give it feeds the plants.
    Do you have access to a hydro store.
  6. If you can go organic do it. You will not regret the decision the end product is way better you'll enjoy it more and it's not harmful. I read some stuff about a certain chemical being in some of the chemical nutes. The shit could give you cancer. Not that all chemical nutes have that chemical in it. But what if the one you pick does.
  7. Foxfarms soil and nutes
  8. It's called educating yourself on what's nutrients have the chemicals and what don't. By no means does organic taste better or smell better or smoke smoother than chemical nutrients.
  9. What are nutes?.. Yes there's a hydro store near, quite a few.. It seems to me like everyone has their own mixture/combination, I'd just love a basic chemical free grow, and I'd love to know what else I'd have to add, and if it matters what nutrients I use with different soil types.

    And I'm a girl, bro ")
  10. Nutes are nutrients and for a basic, chemical free grow, go over to the organic section and check out the stickies or look around for lists of "favorite organic mixes." There's lots of simple ones and lots of more exotic ones.
  11. Ya, chem nutes arent uptaked by plant roots as well either. You want a beneficial soil that lives and has a healthy web of life. With that, you'll only need to water and everything will be fine.

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