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  1. Hey, I've got two questions! If I buy an All Mix Soil (for a femminized seed) do I have to buy nutrients?
    Second question: Do I really need a reflector for a CFL light?
  2. I've looked into this aswell and I think You can most likely get away without having to use veg nutes but you'll most likely need bloom nutes for flower. Well at least this is my plan for my next run. For the CFL I guess it depends on what size. The small ones I doubt they'll be a point but I've seen em get sold with the big ones.
    Are you planning on using the CFL to flower?
  3. I think I'm gonna use CFL for both veg and flower, as I don't have much money for HPS + Ballst... I'll be using a 250w 2700K, I'm gonna be using my closet as a grow box. I already have a flowering nute so that's not a problem, at least if it doesn't expire 'till october.
  4. Gl bro. Cfl's are very weak and not so good for flower. You be better off if you can get at least an led. That being said a few days ago someone posted their all CFL harvest that yielded about an ounce or two. Scroll back a few days you'll find it.
  5. What do you mean by GI?
  6. Good luck!
  7. Oh, thanks! Are led good enough for both flowering and veg? If I don't buy a reflector I may be able to buy a 300w LED, but is it good for both phases?
  8. A 300w led will be multitudes better for you than a CFL, and if You have the choice then yeah I'd say it's a no brainier.. Yes they can do both, and are very good at it too. I'm still looking to buy my first led this week and I'm getting mine just for veg. But from what I've picked up Mars or vispectre are good affordable leds. You'll get more responses with more informative answers as the GC community wakes up and see your post. But I think you'll have good results if you dedicate a 300w led to 1 plant. There a plenty of journeys here of people doing the same. Have a look through the grow journel section and see what you have to come.

    Might be with added here what space you have to work with and what ventilation you have. Also for my curiosity what strain did you go with?

    Also go here ^^^ you can start on thier section on lights. The best resource on the web for the newb.. Gl!

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