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  1. What do you guys think about the General Hydroponics nutrient package and it comes with the micro, grow, bloom, koolbloom and diamond nectar. Ive read that i can (and probably will) do it without even using the grow formula. correct me if thats wrong?

    and what about the koolbloom and the diamond nectar would is that stuff worth using?
    any help from the vets. is very appreciated from a new user. THX
  2. Don't know about all the other stuff but I've used GH with the LUCAS METHOD and the results are fantastic. Gotta say I love the growth a whole lot faster than the soil I'm currently using. LOL

    He has formulated both a 'Simple' version and a more complicated one. I used the simple version and never had to spend ANY time worrying about my pH or any other nutrient issues. I was able to focus completely on my ladies and learn their growth process.

    I can't recommend it enough :)

    Good luck :)
  3. thats pretty funny you mentioned the lucas formula because thats the one i was planning on using..
  4. It's what works best for me and a lot of other people for many years now. :)

    GROW ON! :)
  5. lemme ask you this then.. the actual product is the GH flora series feeding system. but the lucas formula is actually how im mixing and adding the nutrients? (0-5-10) and (0-8-16) or is there another series of this flora gro stuff that is the "lucas series"
    probably a pretty dumb question but since i got ur attention lol

    but i really do appreciate your help!

  6. No dumb questions here... just dumb if you don't read first and ask obvious stuff (which you aren't)

    Yes.. the GH Flora series.

    You only buy the micro and the bloom (Twice as much bloom of course)

    OH!... You only need pint size containers for now LOL... don't make the mistake I did and buy a whole gallon of each. I ended up throwing a whole lot away after a year or so because you really don't use that much. (Unless you have a 40gal res of course. *grin*)

    I did hear of a GH product some time past that was a combined Micro and Bloom.. (the Lucas Formula I thought...) but I haven't heard about it in a few years and don't see anyone listing it.

    You can also pick up a large syringe without a needle at the local feed store. They're marked in CC's and that's the same as measuring ml. (at least that's what I was told and it worked perfect for my grow)

    Fill your reservoir with RO water (Or tapwater if you KNOW it's good and clean) and count the gallons.

    Get a plastic see-through cup.

    Measure the Micro you'll be using every time on each fill and squirt it into the cup.
    Mark the level of the liquid in there with a line and a big 'M' on the outside of the cup.

    Now you can pour and measure easily. You can do the same for the Bloom with another cup or just be sure to rinse the cup and fill it twice (since you're using twice as much bloom)

    Hope this helps :)
  7. yea i almost feel like i got this down . im a little confused with doubling the flower formula. my understanding is that i use a mixture 5ml of micro and 10ml of bloom/every gallon of water during the entire veg state. then when its time to flower go to 8 and 16 ml to each gallon of water ... right? u mean i double the flower formula for both stages or just flower stage?

    haha.. xtreme noobie :)
  8. The bloom is going to always be double what the micro is...

    Let's take a small 5gal bucket as an example. Say it holds... what.. 4 gallons? :)

    For veg state: 4 gallons times 5ml = 20mls of Micro mixed into the bucket with 4 gallons of RO water. 4 gallons times 10ml = 40mls of Bloom mixed into the bucket second.

    Now... keep 4 gallons of RO water handy to keep the water level the same in the bucket as the days pass.

    Once you've added 4 gallons of plain RO water... dump the bucket and re-fill.

    Same procedure for flower stage only you're going to be using 8mls of micro and 16mls of blooms sooooo.....

    32ml of Micro for 4gals of water
    and 64mls of Bloom.

    Mix and set yer plants in it and watch them just suck up all that joyful goodness! :)

    Pretty dang simple eh?

    Later on if you get adventurous you can try the 'Advanced' formula with mixed add-backs. :) (second or third grow I'd say)
  9. alrite so its almost time for me to really start getting my gear in shape. i got my light on the way. went with a 400w hps with the interchangable mh bulb. my plan is to make a tent in the back of my walkin closet with a material called "blackout" from the fabric store. Now the measurements are 50in wide, 65in tall, and 24in deep. since im gonna be goin with a 5gallon bubbler system im left with approx 39-40inches of actual growth space.. im guessin

    ill post pics when the tent actually starts to come together but a few questions for now.

    How far from the top of my baby should i keep the light throughout my journey?
    Is approx 39-40 inches gonna be enough growing room? (considering i go with a fairly short strain of coarse)
    If i end up feelin frisky right b4 go time and consider twins, is my space and light situation comfy enough for 2?

    soon as i figure out how to +rep u got my vote. ur a great help

  10. Since it's a 400W you're going to be hanging it around 1 foot away...

    Check HERE for more information on lighting distances.

    No problems on having two ladies in that space. I would definitely look into using LST or SCRoG to increase your yeields and keep your plant height down. You'll be well pleased with the results. :)

    The link in my sig file points to the website that lists all the FAQ's there. Anytime you have a new question.. stop by there really quick and you'll most likely find your answer.

    Or do what I did and just read everything listed there LOL
    Plus all the stickies here plus... well.. I spent about 2 years reading and allllllllllllllllllllll day.

    The faq site is the recovered FAQ information. It was put together over several years and peeps have worked hard to recover it. It's a treasure trove of info! :)

    and now I'm babbling!

    Ok.. Grow On!

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