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  1. Hi everyone.
    Looking for advices and suggestions on how to keep fresh pre-mixed nutrients. Grow is in coco perlite using Canna nutes full line. I'm fed up of mixing all this everyday and problem is when I have left over and I keep it it does not look fresh look blurry with two phase so It always end up down the drain. How should I store mixed nutrient solution and how can I get rid of mixing shit everyday?
    thanks fellas
  2. Without the use of injectors and full-automation?
    Mixing nutes each day shouldn't be such a bother. You probably need some tools to simplify things.
    I use a 10mL pipettor, which allows me to dispense volumes between 1-10mL. But for something as routine as to what you are doing, why not look into purchasing some bottle top dispensers that you can adjust the mL on? I imagine you will have to pay some $$$; damn they expensive!
    I found you one for cheaper

    You could also create something using relays and an Arduino, but that would take some know-how, time, trials, etc.
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  3. wow ok these would be perfect but ish I will buy a Quantum board before I drop 250 USD on watering system!! I am more looking at should I store in the refrigerator, room temp, in the grow room, in the dark, ..Or can I build a small reservoir with an air stone or small air pump or is this an open window for more problems like i see from some fellas in DWC?
  4. you are doing coco/perlite dtw I presume. Just flood and drain. In fact, you can prepare all the solution as needed into a res, add a pump and halo rings, a timer that will set 'the seconds' and an air stone. Prepare your solution, determine how much flow time is needed to feed you plant (idk, like 2L would take 53 seconds, or whatever, depends on your pump) and have it come on twice a day or so. Leave the air stone running all the time.

    That is what I think you were looking for?
  5. Yeah! that seems nice thanks! I start from there and look for parts
  6. Curious what is your full nutrient mix is. I use canna pretty regularly and usually don’t have issues storing solution in sealed containers unless I’m adding beneficial.

    But like the others have you can make a 5gallon batch and just get a small aquarium pump and a small air stone.

    Lastly you could get an auto pipett which I love because I’m super lazy haha.

  7. ok might be my General Organic cal mag...
    when I have left over I keep it in my clear plastic pitcher in the corner of the grow room (tent). I would love to be able mix lets say 5gal at a time so I have for a few times. I'm now looking for a reservoir might end up being as simple as a dark plastic container I drop an air pump and scoop from the top with pitcher... (?)
  8. I’d guess if u put a bubbler in the container it’d stay fresh awhile. What I do is get a small medical dropper n break it down. If it’s 5ml per gal. The 2.5 for half gal then 1.2ml per 1/4gal. It’s help me not dump a lot down drain
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  9. Yup but it helps to have a mesh lid or loose fitting lid so things don’t fall in.
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