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  1. Hi! I am growing some indoor, hydroponic Basil... and everything is going great. As for nutrients, I am using General Hydroponics, 3-part, FloraSeries nutrients. Regarding additives, I am using Dutch Master ZONE and SUPERthrive. There are not really any problems, except that, I see the General Hydroponics, Floralicious and Floralicious Plus products for sale. I want to buy some of the Floralicious but am worried that the Dutch Master ZONE will not work with it. I also wanted to throw some SilicaBlast into the reservoir but don't know if it will mix with all the others.

    Here is what I want to use for the nutrient solution:

    1.) GH 3-part, FloraSeries nutrients
    2.) GH Floralicious, or Floralicious Plus
    3.) Botanicare's SilicaBlast
    4.) Dutch Master ZONE
  2. Here's what I would recommend to ya......ok?!

    1 ~ continue to use the 3 part nutes
    2 ~ stop using super-thrive and use the floralicious plus instead. Just use a few drops per gallon and add to the 3 part nutes when feeding
    3 ~ the silica blast is ok but it's main use is to improve heat and stress tolerence. Use this at 1/2 stength
    4 ~ you don't need the dutch master zone. It's expensive and designed really for cannabis. Dutch meaning from amsterdam

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    Thanks so much for the advice. It sounds like a very good plan. I'm going to follow it. I'm using a DWC system and don't have a water chiller. Is this a problem? And if so, should I start using beneficial bacteria (and/or fungi) to protect the roots? I was using the Dutch Master ZONE to prevent root-rot. It was keeping the roots pearly white, except for the ones above water, which have a very slight discoloration to them. Thanks again.
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    as long as the temps aren't above 90 degrees F, it's ok

    anytime is a good time to boost benefitials..... benefitial bacteria & fungi. add some general hydroponics floranectar fruit n fusion to your nutes at 1/2 strength. this stuff is incredible. keep it a secret. this is one of my 'secret weapons'. Sugars will feed the bacteria & fungi and in turn, this will feed the plant thru the roots in a very effective manner ~ which is great for optimal growth and vigor


    I mean read the

    FloraNectar FruitnFusion contains all natural raw cane sugar, molasses, malt syrup, select plant based esters, L-amino acids, organic acids, polyflavonoids, vitamins and essential minerals.

    This unique blend of ingredients helps your plants regulate enzymes that trigger specific reactions involved in maintaining optimal metabolism. This allows your plants to achieve a balance between respiration and photosynthesis in high intensity growing environments where the rate of respiration can sometimes exceed the rate of photosynthesis.

    be sure to feed just plain water at least every other watering. meaning. feed, then just plain water next time, then you can fee again.......

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    I am very, very thankful for this secret! I swear... you are very nice! I will do this but I don't know which beneficial bacteria and fungi product to buy. I am planning on asking the people at the hydroponic store though, so I'll be fine. Thanks again.
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    If you want a dormant bacteria and fungi powder to go along w/ your sweetener, try's great quality and it lasts a long time. Get a teaspoon. It's all you need to use per gallon. [For best results, apply these 2 alone and use your other nutes together.....seperately]

    Roots organic ~ oregonism [by aurora]


  7. TexRx,
    Thanks very much for your beneficial bacteria and fungi product recommendation. It is greatly appreciated to talk to you. So, I understood almost all of your last post, but didn't understand what you meant by, "For best results, apply these 2 alone and use your other nutes together...... seperately." I think I know what to do but just wanted to make sure I got it right.

    Nutrient Solution:
    1. General Hydroponics, 3-part, FloraSeries nutrients
    2. General Hydroponics, FloraLicious Plus... just a few drops per gallon
    2. Botanicare, Silica Blast, at 1/2 strength
    3. General Hydroponics, FloraNectar, Fruit n Fusion, at 1/2 strength, every other reservoir change.
    3. Roots Organic, Oregonism by Aurora, 1 teaspoon per gallon

    Does this sound right?

    Again... Thank you for your help. I am very honored to have talked to you.
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    ^^^^^I thought that might have been confusing....I'll try again

    use two seperate solutions

    solution 1 ~ GH 3 part, floralicious plus, and silica blast

    solution 2 ~ FloraNectar sweetener and oregonism bac and fungi powder

    AND your feeding schedule would be like this ~ use plain water between every feeding

    solution 1 / plain water / solution 2 / plain water / solution 1 / plain water / solution 2...etc

    Just ask if you need more info

    .....and honestly, I'm honored that you "trust" [for lack of a better word] me enough to not only consider my advice, but to take it

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    Thank you for making it more clear to me. I understand completely now. Just to double check... Will this whole thing work in a Deep Water Culture system? It sounds like it is for soil. I'll post some pictures of my system soon.
  10. 05_08_2011 001.JPG

    05_08_2011 002.JPG

    05_08_2011 003.JPG

    Here are the pictures.
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    Almost all of these nutes you're using are made by by General Hydroponics, so I would assume that it should be fine....

    The only one I'd be concerned about is the molasses......if you are concerned, just apply solution 2 when you think your system needs it instead of on a regular basis

    Once you get a feel for how your system works, you can adjust your feeding schedule to your liking. Make it your own when you're knowledgable

    I grow in soil ..... and hydro nutes really aren't that different than soil nutes. If you look at the labels, the ingredients are pretty much the same ~ just in different levels of concentration. And hyrdo nutes will usually include some trace nutes commonly found in soil but not hydro

    Also, you can ask your hydro store about nutes, a lot of times the eployees will be knowledgable

    best of luck.....


  12. O.K. Thanks for your help.
  13. no prob

    what's the old saying?....

    "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."
    Chinese Proverb

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    Anyway, I think that the feeding schedule you gave me is for soil. I ran it by the guy at the hydro store and he didn't say anything. Then he gave me five free sample products; one of them being Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice. I swapped out my Deep Water Culture nutes and put in distilled water, then Botanicare AquaShield, then some Organicare SEAPLEX (cold pressed seaweed) and a littel Voodoo Juice. The next morning, all the roots were rotten. I think that the conversion from a Dutch Master ZONE, "sterile" environment, to a beneficial bacteria type environment, had something to do with it. I am thinking that I just have to start over from scratch with everything sterilized. But for now, I cut off all the rotten roots and added some Dutch Master ZONE to the soup. And I'm wondering if the SEAPLEX will still work even though there's ZONE in the mix. Peace!

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