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  1. Alright, seems to be tons of varying information on the subject so I'd like to ask directly.

    Does anyone have a schedule they used for the fox farm trio on an autoflower? including amounts etc...

    I ask because this schedule is definitely different than the one they provide.
  2. What medium are you using?
  3. soil

    happy frog and perlite
  4. Do they not have one on the fox farm website ?
  5. sure do. not for auto's though
  6. I've only grown autos a few times and I fed them the same as I did any other plant. But I'm no expert on soil or autos.
  7. i use the happy frog and 40% perlite too with my autos. make sure to give some cal mag, mine have always started going deficient in the first 2.5 weeks or so.

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