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  1. The question: Should I feed to the manufacturers schedule or follow the EC/PPM?

    Disclaimer: sorry for all the detail but I’d rather gives as much S possible upfront.

    I just started my first round of hydro. I’m going very basic to start off; 5-gallon buckets with an air stone in each bucket. Basket kids with the clay balls (can’t remember their name). It sucks having to deal with three separate buckets but again, if this goes well I’ll upgrade to a more automated system next time.

    Onto my main question

    I’m using Foxfarms’ nutrients and trying to follow their schedule to a “T”. The problem is if I add exactly what they recommend my EC/PPM is WAYYYY below the level they want you at. In order to reach the minimum side of the EC/PPM range I’m having to almost double what they recommend for a dosage.

    So being nervous about adding too much I did it a little different in each of the three buckets. Buckets 1 got dosed to the low end of the recommended EC/PPM range. Buckets 3 got only the recommended dosage and was about half on the recommended EC/PPM range. Bucket somewhere in the middle; a little extra dosage but not enough to get it to the EC/PPM range. The plants have only been in there 13 days but the plant in bucket 1 is the biggest and the plant in bucket 3 is the smallest…bucket 2 is…you guessed it…in the middle. While the results would say going off the EC/PPM range are working the best I know this may not be the right thing to do.

    So the main question: Should I follow the FoxFarm feeding schedule OR feed to the EC/PPM numbers?
  2. This is very dependent on which hydro system you are using and the strains and how much they feed and respond.
    For example, consider the different EC values for Flora compared to CCH2O's recommendations.
    I've not used the FF line of nutes, but I have used several others and find that an EC of 1000 uS (or 1.0 mS) is enough for veg. If its too strong, you stunt your plants (lockout) which I've done a couple times in the last few months. I advise you lean on the side of CCH2O's (EC/TDS) recommendations.
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