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  1. Just wondering if anyone has done and nutrient sample programs or know any other than the 2 I have tried. My expierience so far has been with Oregon's best, makers of nectar for the gods and house and garden. The nectar sample pack was very quick and easy to obtain and is a very good nutrient line for soil. House and garden was easy easy to get also just takes a long time, but this nutrient company caters to every medium. I sent off my application about a week ago, it says give 4 weeks for processing so I will let you know how long it takes. I like to try all sorts of new stuff so if you know of some I would appreciate it.
  2. Microbe Life is a great company, and they offer sample packs.

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  3. Mega crop offers a sample as well but it seems like they are out of stock for now...

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  4. Just got my nutrients pack from house and garden and I am like fu** yea. Looks like quite a bit of money worth of product.
  5. Thanks I just checked out the page. I have actually been wanting to try dry nutes.
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