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Nutrient Samples

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by wrecker92, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Hi :wave: Just wondering where i can get free samples, im in U.K. just want to try as many as possible so i know which ones are best for me?
  2. You wont get free samples.... If they gave em away for free, no one would buy them. If you ask, most nute companies will respond saying that they will give a full refund if you are u happy with the results.

    Just go with a trusted name such as GH, Advanced Nutrients or Fox Farm and you cant go wrong.
  3. Well I'm using canna ATM but just wanted to try others, what's the best nutrients for big buds? I have ph13-14 and boost
  4. There's no "best". Just find one that works for you and stick with it.
  5. you CAN get free samples. their is a thread here about it already. made by projectice, search it. they send samples to a grow shop near you and you go pick em up. a few links to free smart pots and other stuff to. check it out.
  6. I tried this as per the thread mentioned....all i got back were pre-written letters explaining that they would not provide free samples, only reimburse if i was unhappy with my purchase. The free sample ship had obviously sailed, or he got lucky with a generous sales rep. I contacted fox farms, an, gh, and got zip.
  7. how did you ask? if you read through the thread you have to be careful with you wording. instead of asking for free samples, tell em your using so and so and you've heard good things but not quite sold yet. gotta make em want your buisness. maybe toss in their that your tired of spending a few hundred every other month and would like to try this. yadda yadda. although when that thread was started im sure they got bombarded with requests too. i do know it worked for some people!
  8. I worded it exactly how you mentioned....."i have been using product x for years but heard great things about your product y, etc etc". All responses were the same: buy our product y and you wont be disappointed, and if you are unhappy with the results, we will give a full refund. Almost all responses mentioned that it was not company policy to offer free samples.
  9. I agree that they likely got bombarded as a result of that thread. Never hurts to try though, just thought id save the OP the trouble as I had no luck
  10. Anyone know what a good nuet is for big Budd? I have pk13-14 and boost but I heard they weren't for big buds :/ I know I already asked but what's a good one for the wilma system and works
  11. big bud the strain? or to make big buds? lol
  12. Sorry, a nutrient that will make the buds bigger
  13. dont have any experience with wilma system or canna nutes. should be a canna nutes thread bro. let the search function be your friend!
  14. I use GH Koolbloom (liquid and powder) with good results. Nothing will magically give you big buds (this is more about genetics and good growing practices IMO), but my Koolbloom does seem to give my plants an extra boost
  15. ive been running cyco for the past 9 month after using Fox Farms. ill never go back! 8)
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  17. No first grow
  18. Was sayin I don't have experience with those. Lol

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