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    Hello Grasscity, I would like to share my MH recipe with you all. This recipe can be referenced with the steps I use in my grow guide. I always get a minimum of 1 gram / 1 watt ratio using 600w bulbs and Indica strain called Papaya. And don't forget the CO2. With out the CO2 I have managed a 0.9 gram / 1 watt ratio which I still consider it to be really good ;)

    Check out the nutrient schedule and grow guide. As you can notice the Nitrogen and Phosphor is gradually reduced during the flowering stage all the way trough the fructification stage where the potassium is increased. This is called plant manipulation and stimulate different reaction withing the plant. Always keeping the nutrient recipe at 800ppm!

    If you have any questions let me know. I willing to help for free, tho if you want to send me a sample of your crop to do a taste test and a honest opinion, please be my guest :smoke:

    This is a per litre calculation:

    7.4.11 (a & b) in ml's / litre

    10.30.20 - 00.52.34 - 00.00.50 in gram's / litre

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  2. so what your saying is that your pulling 1.3 pounds with a 600 watt light
  3. Ya, between, 1.25 Lbs with out CO2 and 1.45 Lbs with CO2 ;)

    I would love to be able to grow for a big medical grow operation, anywhere, wink wink :smoke:
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    What do you do about micro-nutrients. I've been having problems with magnesium for a while now on some strains. Seems like maybe foliar feeding might be a direction to take to compensate because I just can't get enough through the roots with what I've tried.

    Canna has a Mono nutrient system. You should look into it, I cannot think of a more versitile setup than everything in its own bottle.

    My next grow will be starting shortly. I'm gearing up for some minor purchases (tent, ph/ec meter, portable ac) and then it all begins. I'll be doing Ice, Sensi Star, Chronic, Rocklock and a Big Bud x G13 cross strain I made from some seeds found in buds from a dispensary. I have a 1000w lamp and an Osram Plantastar 2100K bulb with the enhaced blue. My last 2700K bulbs have produced lack luster results. I will also use a standard Sylvania MH bulb for veg. I'm going for low temps and density (hence the strain choices) so CO2 is out on this go around, but if I could manage even 0.8 that'd be great.

    If you know much about these strains, or you think you could help me achieve that goal, that'd be great man.

    I'm planning on doing another coco grow, keeps costs in line for me.
    I'm not sure your exact nutrient levels will work for me but I like the "concept" of when to boost certain things, and when others aren't required. I'm going to be using several Humboldt Nutrients products which contain moderate levels of potassium, so it will be easy to simulate your levels there. I'll also be using KoolBloom (0-10-10) which will allow me to dial in the phosphates too. Canna Coco A+B along with some of their line is going to be my primary system, works great in coco so that's the major change between you and I, I believe.

    The idea is 16 plants from the get go with the Sensi Star, Chronic and Rock Lock being Fem'd and single plants. The Ice and my Homegrown strain will fill in the rest of the space. I figure I'll fill the 4x4 space beneath my light with 1 plant per square foot. By the time they fill out the entire 5x5 I hope to have some preflowers and to be able to pick the right number of plants to keep. After I remove the plants I'll still have some time before flowering to fill the space in if need be.

    My question to you is... How many plants should I be growing in this 5x5 tent to harvest? I'm going to begin flowering around 6 weeks from seed, and all of these strains are shorter period (60 to 70 days) which shouldn't have too much stretch in them being Indica dominant. I'm hoping for 800 grams, and was thinking of doing 8 plants expecting about 100 grams per plant. I could do 5 plants though, one of each (don't worry, I have a clone room off to the side preserving genetics), and expect more like 160 grams, ~5.5 ounces per plant. I think 8 plants is the sure bet though, and I can manage the space fine with that many plants by keeping them a little smaller or changing my flowering date.

    So yeah, how many plants?
    What would you do in a 5x5 with coco, low temps, and indica strains to get the highest possible harvest in under 110 days?
    Micronutrient levels and when?
  5. If you use a liquid base they have all the macro and micro nutrient! My base liquid is 7.4.11 and really if I wanted to I could do my whole grow with that. You need the micro-nutrient from the start! Check out my guide I have the perfect nutrient (NPK) levels in there. By the way Ice is amazing ;)

    Well to start. With a space of 5 x 5 you could do a maximum of 25 plants. And since there all from seeds you should get more then a usual clone plant. The only problem is that a 1000w light is only good for a maximum of 4 ft by 4 ft. So your going to be losing some yield on the plant that are near the edges! If you do 70 days I'm pretty sure you''ll be able to get an average of 100 grams per plant!
  6. i saved this to my desktop thinking of tweekin my nute sched. +rep
  7. Cool, if your not using the same nutrient try to follow the same NPK ratio! Did you check out my grow guide?
  8. yea i had too see that to understand the chart lol im using mother of all bloom and was wondering if i would use that as the 00.52.34? and im using fox farm so how would i measure that out?
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    I would need the NPK to understand your products. Tho what I could tell you is that most people consider the flowering as only one stage! There is actually 2 stages. The flowering which is the first half of the weeks needed and the fructification which is the last half!

    The plant needs more phosphore for flowering and more potassium for the fructification. Always lowering the nitrogen as you go!

  10. thanx Doc ima keep going over the chart and my sched:D
  11. What kind of Co2 setup do you have?
  12. Forgive my ignorance -- but Im not sure how to read your chart. I understand N-P-K, and I understand the phases, but beyond that, I'm lost.

    Can someone briefly explain to a total noob? I'm about to do my first grow -- and I am using Technaflora... and I will be germing autos.

    Any help would be great, thanks!

  13. The kind you set up when you have no idea how to use CO2. This guy again. Seriously?

    Advice for total noobs; Don't listen to this fool or his "grow guide".

  14. Ignore this fool. Trust me. All you have to do is actually read his posts on lights, nutes, his famous grow guide, etc. His lack of basic knowledge quickly becomes clear.
  15. I don't know....he did go to horticulture school...

  16. Well that is one school I'd avoid at all costs.
  17. ^^I'm with ya on that one, can't see myself spending money on horticulture school, other schooling perhaps. I was being sarcastic though, an attempt at humor failed, ha ha.:smoke::smoke:
  18. bit of a newbie.
    ...clearly in the wrong section.
    but how do you calculate the NPK part within your solution?
    say its within 1 liter.
    is it just reading NPK thats on the bottle and then 1 mil of nutrient= its value in 1 litre of solution?
    if i could work that out im deffinatly giving this guide a go.
  19. Ignore anything by Dr Green... He doesn't have a clue how to grow weed.

  20. ha ha, if you could explain id be just as happy. not picky.

    NPK levels are just the labels recomendation.
    so to minipulate them i times and devide the recomendation to get the values?

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