Nutrient Problems?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am a first time grower, just moved to the great CO and taking advantage of it. I am hear to ask questions about symptoms that started in one of my plants and is now beginning to show in the others, but first, and introduction to my setup.
    I am growing five plants in a coco/CFL setup, two Northern Lights Auto, one Critical Auto, one Afghan Ryder Kush, and one Afghan Kush X Skunk (I know, I'm crazy for having autos and non autos together, trust me, I have a plan for flowering time). I am using Fox Farms Big Bloom right now, 1 and 1/2 tablespoons for 2 gallons (they recommend starting with 2 tblsp for seedlings, so I started at 1 and have worked up to 1.5). I planted about three weeks ago, started them in Rapid Rooter starter cubes, and once they had a taproot and a couple other roots sticking out I transferred them into Solo Cups; they took to the solo cups fine, even vigorously, at first. 
    Then the problems came. It started in my first plant, her leaves turned pretty yellow. After looking around a bit I decided it was some sort of nutrient deficiency and gave her a somewhat stronger dose of nutes than the other pants got. I believe over that time that I may have been committing an over-watering sin; long story short, my old setup wasn't going to work long-term, so I set up a new place for them, and I think they were not draining as fast as they used to, so for a few waters I didn't check the soil, I was busy and they were always dry at that time before. Now, since that problem the original plant has gotten some dark purple/brown on it's leaves, not in the manner of nute burn though. Now two of my other plants have their bottom leaves going yellow and just barely starting to show the purple/brown markings (in addition, the newest growth on one shows signs of nute-burn), and one more has just started to go a little yellow in the bottom two leaves. View the pictures below and then I will pose my question to you all. 
    View attachment 1591025 View attachment 1591028 View attachment 1591032 View attachment 1591033 View attachment 1591035 View attachment 1591036 View attachment 1591037
    So, as you can see, I have a lot of lights in my setup, so my first question is if you think my extra lights could be warming the soil too much, causing problems. If not that, do you think this is a result of over-watering? How could that explain the apparently low nutrients and purplenes? I feel like I'm getting contradictory signs, they are drooping like they're drowning, yet they're burning like I haven't flushed the soil enough. Does anyone know what I can do? I thought I could handle it, but now the problem is getting worse- and spreading! Thank you all for your help.


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