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  1. so i have this plant and to let the water get to a warmer temp i let them sit and let the water soften a little but the other day some nutrients fell in and i didnt notice until after i watered the plant and the food i have i need to break it into 20 pieces and i only put one piece in every other week and since it has such a nutrient overload i lost like 50-60% of my leaves already but what can i do to stop this because leaves keep yellowing and dieing, i was looking at this final flush product but is it just for hydroponic growing or is it good on soil? i have this one in plain potting soil, also it's already budding like i have at least 3 ounces of bud on this plant already so i'm trying to fix this before it's harvest time! thank you, ask questions if you need more info!
  2. check the ph, (might be very acid) then adjust normal water ph to whatever you need to balance it out in the end and flush about 2 or 3 the pot sizes worth of water. It's better to shake or aerate the water before flushing, to give roots more oxygen so the plant doesn't drown. look up flushing, you shouldn't need to buy anything
  3. so i did that and flushed it and the plants leaves stopped falling so much but they still do a little bit but now i notice it has red veins, so what does that mean? cause i know purple means too much nutrients but it's blood red veins
  4. purple alone won't tell you that it has too much nutrients. sometime's that's strain dependent.

    Did you put nutrients back in the soil when you were done flushing? If not, you might need to wait a few days till the soil is dry before adding more nutrients with water. Otherwise if the roots stay wet for too long they can start to rot.

    Not sure what the red veins mean, but make sure you double check the pH before you add nutrients.

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