Nutrient Lockout Via The Wheel of Life and Death

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by satnosh, Oct 29, 2022.

  1. UPDATE. Bonsai filling in nicely. Kinda wasteful, I guess, but a lovely fragrant desk piece. (I stuck the Buddha in there because this plant kept getting mired in the pain of the material plane. I was worried that all that earthly attachment might cause nutrient lockout? I hope the Buddha helps. Any experience with these matters would be appreciated.)
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  2. I keep a similarly sized Ganesh in my main room - It definitely helps.
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  3. You need to be Chanting "Om" at exactly 432 Hz for 4.20 hours per day to achieve maximum oneness with the plant.

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  4. Back in the day here at GC, Bonsai was very popular around 2010 ..still a very good way to hold over moms
    check the links: Bonsai Mother Technique[Step By Step Tutorial]

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    good luck
  5. Shit. I was overtone singing at a completely different frequency. No wonder I wasn't resonating.
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