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  1. hey guys I have just taken down my last effort and they looked really good in flower and I did everything I had to but I’m not so happy with the results. I used coco and canna a and b for veg, and when they flowered I used shogun pk boost, liquid w8, rock resonator, and bloom boost the bud looks great and plenty of crystals but it’s so heavy and even though it’s a hybrid indica sativa mix with a cheesy smell it’s a couch lock paranoia inducing thought provoking smoke. Can anyone help me with this and going forward I have ordered north thunderfuck for the next one and I wanna get it done right. Thanks guys
  2. Are you asking how to grow a seed so it's not couch locking or paranoia inducing or thought provoking?
  3. Harvesting just a week early can totally change the psychoactive effects. Super easy fix that can be used on any strain .
    Shoot for more clear trichs and less amber trichs.....Mostly cloudy
  4. Or you could try a Heavyweight Massive Midget 50/50 indica/sativa. Ely Lilly should sell it. No matter what you are, one joint and you will see everything is going to work out just fine. Takes forever, almost a full 16 weeks and never really goes amber. Easy 5 oz in a 5 gallon. More with all that scienshitific stuff you use. It's the one I did all my pruning experiments on. It can take about anything you can google. Nobody else likes the stone. They all want to get wasted.
    It wasn't until I started growing many strains that I realized how much genetics play in the stone. Some of these newer high thc genetics are two hits, and that's enough. The ones I don't like are the heavy indica feel good for 5 minutes, dream for 20, fall asleep, wake up starving and too stoned to do anything about it. But I had a bad alcohol problem and they really helped. Now I'm alcohol free, so I can smoke the stuff for a man with no problems.
    Since I am an auto evangelist, I must encourage you to devote some space in your veg room to try many different strains, most in 110 days from seed or less. Then you will see how much harvesting/drying/curing can do, and also what genetics can do for you.
  5. What are you growing in now?
  6. Nice one guys I have had a week or so now and after making apologies for my weed and giving far to much far to cheap I have got a good smoke no paranoia but body stoned it’s to heavy for some of my friends and they are scared of it. I’ve got some north thunderfuck on route because I planted haze berry into soil and none have emerged in ages 28th in fact. I think clonex was sprayed over top of soil but I’m lost. I’m gonna post a thread on this but. I need to know what to do with all the rubbish buds and how do I eradicate the small waste buds on lower part of branch? Take off?
  7. Ik the pk booster I had is used first two weeks of flowering and last two weeks. I messed up and used it all through... couch lock and paranoia is odd imo. Usually paranoia comes from harvesting early(clear heads) and couch lock more amber heads...

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