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  1. I am about to start my first grow in the next few weeks, and while I've done tons of research all over the forum, I feel as though I know less and less as the date gets closer. I have a lot of the basics down FOR SURE, but when it comes to more advanced things (which I'm sure will come with experience) I'm lost. I.e. Nutrients.
    Its worth stating that I plan on using the Hempy bucket technique with coco, or a perlite/vermiculite mix.
    First my basic knowledge of nutrients. I believe that they have complete nutrient line-ups that consist of 2, but more frequently 3, different bottles. Mix accordingly to growth stage, water plants.
    This seems so simple to me, that I can not believe that this could be all that I need. Keep in mind, I'm looking for something simple, as I can create my own method that best fits my needs as I go.
    If this is it, great! I can get those nutrient bottles (gro, micro, and bloom) on amazon for about $40 right now!
    I guess I'm just looking for any comfirmation or advice on nutrient usage in a soiless mix.
    Also, I plan to use less nutes than reccommended at the beggining of growth.

  2. It's that simple.... Dive in feet first and enjoy the ride.  
    The three basic nutrient bottles should be sufficient for your first grow.  Nitrogen, phosphor, and potassium.  
    It may do you well to review your basics on pH levels, as well as Parts Per Million (ppm).  Adding nutrients will change these levels.  
    I recently got myself a ppm and pH meter off amazon for cheap.  
    Good luck!
  3. Thank you!

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