Nutrient help dwc?

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  1. Do i have to change my resivor every week. It getting hard to move plants around. There day 50 auto. 4 gallon buckets so i add a gallon of nutes everyday so there always getting new fresh water n nutes.
  2. I'm no expert first time grower but I believe you should change your Rez because you will get a buildup of some nutrients in the bucket that the plant isn't using. Then this buildup will start putting it in lockout. I'm not positive I've skipped a weeks change and just toped off without negative results. Never have I gone more than 2 weeks.
  3. Yea i see that the water ppm is always high before i add the nutes so i always would just dilute it.. But i see what u mean n who knows its probably leaving the nutrients behind that its not using.. I have no clue which part of the 3 part nutrients solutions do what... But lets say it uses more of the bloom nutrients out of the mixture for budding right now.. So its leaves more of the micro and grow nutes behind. Am i making any sense? Prob not im confused myself rereading this lol
  4. Your not going to know what's left behind. That's why I would say it's good practice to fully change the Rez at least every 14 days. i change mine once a weak. But sometimes I just add more if I'm being lazy. I've read some people always just add and never fully change the Rez throughout veg than do a change when they start to flower. I'm not in a bubble bucket I do a 24/7 micro mist onto lava rocks. Then it drains back to my 10 gallon Rez. So the water drops to 5 gallons than it actually refills via flote valve I do this for a weak topping off than change the Rez every Monday or Tuesday. I have not had any issues except for a cal/mag diff. I wasn't using it now I am. Sorry a little off topic. How much is your ppm to start and how much dose it drop to before you top off? Another thing you have to pre mix your nutrients than add it to your Rez don't add them straight to the Rez. This can cause lockout because the nutrients will bind to each other or something witch may caus lockout.
  5. First time for me man and I'm 2 weeks in and just changed it yesterday, plant seems to be loving it... if you are not going to change it every week I highly suggest you get some good bacteria for the roots and add that in the soup I really can't remember names off the top of my head bit goggle - good bacteria for roots in dwc... peace.
  6. I agree with shifte. I use hydrogard it's not that cheep but on the cheaper side. It's around $25 for 1quart on Amazon . I've also herd that recharge is good it's $30 for 8oz and $50 for 16oz on Amazon. I want to try it in the future. There is a YouTube video and this guy swears by it. Hers a link to it.
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  7. Im just gonna change it every week its just a hassel cause my plants got to big for the closet n i had to open the door n build a tent out of mylar.

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