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  1. I picked up fox farms nutrients (Grow big and Tiger bloom) it says on instructions to water once a week with nutrients but I water once a week w out nutrients about 2 cups and a half and my baby shows no signs of it being dry. Is it safe to just water once a week but with nutrients added Everytime I water? Or should I change my watering schedule and water more often if so how constant. I planted her 5 weeks ago on June 10 if that matters. 1561141774860.jpg

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  2. You started in that pail? When it get bigger it will need more water. Are there holes in the bottom of the pail?
    I think you may have thrips eating your plant.
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  3. If your baby shows no signs of nutrient deficiency, or isn't beginning to slow in growth speed, I wouldn't add any nutrients until the bloom could go ahead and add some grow nutes, but if you do just be sure to start really light, I wouldn't go above 1/4th strength since your plant looks good to go on nutrients at the moment. I'm in hydro so I really don't want to offer advice on watering...I'll leave that for a soil veteran to answer. :)
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  4. I am, somehow, troubled that your plant requires but 2 1/2 cup water per week.
    Typically, one would water when the soil begins to feel dry, then water thoroughly,
    until water comes out of the bottom of your WELL DRAINED POT; then, you know you are thoroughly watered.
    Ideally, that is every three days (give or take).
    Ergo, the Fox Farm TRIO schedule. (you left out the Big Bloom, eh?)
    I suppose as it gets larger, it will become more thirsty....
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