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  1. hi all, i was wondering if it would be ok to run a small fish tank carbon filter inside my reservoir to help filter out impurites? i have one on the main line but have been battling root disease as of the last 5 months with complete root death after 7 days then the plant just sits in a stasis. also wouldnt this filter out the nutrients i have added and dissolved oxygen levels?

    i have been growing for a long time now and this problem has just hit me to a point i dont know what to do except tear everything down a quite. everything is in check this is a large set up ie. temps, timing ect... as i have two rooms one that was vegged in the room in question then bloomed was cut then revegged and now about to be chopped for a harvest in the room beside it.:confused: the two hydro stores have offered nothing that has worked and i forgot to ask them this question last time i was there. thanks
  2. PLEASE someone help him. I have the same question, I am just starting hydro.
  3. just checked the roots. today is day 7 and there are 5 more browning and begining to rot. 44 more to rot. 60 more clones should have roots in two or three days and then 7 more days for all of them to rot to. anyone ? any ideas? please.
  4. damn dude, I don't know much about hydroponics. What's the ph of the water?
  5. just checked it and right now its at 6.1.

    i also just went and picked up a bottle of flora shield but if the hygrozime didnt help i cant imagine this helping. the hydro dude suggested to lower the flow rate in the trays but i have done this already. lowered for one set and raised for another.
  6. The pH is a little high. Nutrients are best available in the 5.0 - 5.5 pH range for cannabis in a hydroponics system.
  7. are you watering too often? Have you tried Hydrogen Peroxide?
  8. as to the ph for 5 or so years i have never let the ph go under 5.7, on purpose that is. i have always tried to keep a 6.0 range with great results.

    i have only used a few bottles of the 5% on one attempt. i have also used sm90, hygrozime, and am now going to try the flora shield.
    my watering times have changed multiple times. i went from the same cycle as the flowering room just like i have used for years. 1 timer for both stages. i ran 5 minute intervals every three hours. then after all this started happening i was watering 5 times a day, 4 times and now im watering 3. i have pretty much changed the times with every failed crop.

    the system consists of-4 inch trays 1 inch cubes filled with clay pebbles.

    this all started with a fungus knat infestation back in nov-dec. ever sinse then i have had this problem. even after bleaching everything and replacing the trays with new ones. keep in mind the flowering room i have is fine. it survived the knats with some gnatrol (which worked really well) and has revegged and all. i even took clones from the reveg incase the other plants had a systemic disease. the same happend with those.

    a trip to the store today also answered the filter q. he said yes you could if you wanted to but the thing is you shouldnt have to and it probaly wont help. he suggested lowering the water level of the fill in the trays. however in contrast to that i could just raise the cube depth in the tray, which i have to no effect.

    sorry guys im kinda lost and i guess im just venting and maybe trying to get some outside input on something i cant just go around asking people about. but to go from a 2k to a 4 k grow only to have this crap happen is a pissoff. maybe this is some bad karma from something that happend at the time this all happened.

  9. Are your roots comepletely covered darkness? Try using the higher concentrated stuff from the grow stoor. I put some in mone every other day, has kept them fine. Don't know how much this helps but don't hurt to try.
  10. id have to guess there is light in there somehow...... id try one of those cheapies that sprawl-mart carries that goes on the end of an air line and cartriage snaps in n out. ther run around $5..... id have to do somthing rather than sit back n ask Q after Q:smoke:
  11. id have to say a light issue ... then id have to get somthing goin here instead of just asking Q's .... get a fishtank filter that goes on an air line ..they run around $5... dont let em just go to shit ...... put em in dirt n run that whole systyme for a week with bleach ..
    get new pots ,everything that sits in that res n watch the dirty girls grow n start a fresh hydro w/ clones from them....
  12. there is absolulty no light getting into the trays. a little into the ressy but i have never ever used a closed reservoir. even the ressy in the flowering room is open top. this is the same exact system i have used for years so there cant just be a light leak into the trays all the sudden. i just checked them and about 4 more have begun to rot. i have 4 airstones in the tank. the tank in the flowering room only has two. keep in mind i have two rooms. i refuse to bring dirt into this house, as i had a fungus knat infestation from two dirt clones i bought back in nov. no dirt in this house. also bringing in dirt all the time is not an option nor answer because of my location. i ran the bleach a week and a half ago for about three days. to no avail. i also used clones from the reveg with the same result. i dont know how starting in dirt the cloning them would make a diff.

    i realize this is kinda futile as to tryinh to get some kind of answer but i have no other option. i HAVE tried all kinds of things. for the past 5 months i have been doing something with no luck at all. i figured asking some q might help.

    i will have about 50 more rooted clones in about three days or so. they are going into system #2. i plan on watering them twice per day. then the next set of clones i will water once per day. funny thing going from 6 times a day to 2 or 1.?.?.?
  13. I used a product called Hydroguard when I had my setup shit the bed on me. I alternated between that and a high mix H202 in my nute setup and chenged the ressy every two days. That combined with watering less frequently saved my stuff, but yield was definitely affected.

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