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  1. Im a first time grower and am curious about feeding my hydro. Whenever the resevoir is low on water should I just feed my plants straight water daily and once a week add nutrients or everytime I add water should I add nutrient . Also should I flush out and change the water in the reservoir once a week or how often do i flush out the resevoir? Sorry if this is confusing. My plants are almost ready to switch over to flowering, surprisingly even tho I dont know what I'm doing my plants are actually coming along nicely, so i

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  2. The answers to all your questions are "it doesn't matter."

    Here's what I do:
    I add enough fertilizer to get ppm where I want it when the res level falls, or ppm needs adjusting.
    To be able to do that means knowing how much 1 tsp, gram, or any other measure of nute affects 1 gallon of water.

    For example, imagine a liquid fertilizer that comes in 3 parts, and 1 tsp of each is recommended at a certain plant stage.
    Add 1 tsp of each to 1 gallon of water, and see what the resulting ppm is after subtracting the water's original ppm, if any.
    Then in the future you'll know how much to add.

    Some people never change the reservoir, and that's what I did last time.
    The plants were fine, proving to me that res changes are unnecessary, and therefore frequency of changing doesn't matter.

    Your plants are doing well probably because you're not abusing them.

    Nothing really matters very much, but make sure not to overfeed, keep ppm around 6, and be on the lookout for leaf problems that might require a CalMag supplement.

    Overfeeding can result in orange leaf tips and/or dark green, clawing leaves.
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  3. Thank you, that helps me so so much
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