Nutrient def's late in flowering - consequences?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by starcecil, May 16, 2010.

  1. I'm on the very last leg of the flowering cycle with just over 10 days to go. Been growing with coco/perlite mix.

    I've started to see some nutes def throughout ranging from the usual N at this point which I know is normal but also a tiny bit of Phosphorus and now today I'm seeing what looks like the beginning of Potassium def too. I fed it 2 days ago but these have just popped up. I think some of it has to do with it getting below 50 in my room a couple nights because the window was open to my bdrm.

    I'm not necessarily looking at ways to fix it because I already know what causes it and what to do but I'm more looking at this point to what will happen if I just try and ride it out? It's really close to being done and I don't want to over do the nutes and then end up having a bad tasting bud - but will it affect thc / resins that have already accumulated up to this point as in break them down?
  2. With 10 days to go and fed 2 days ago. I really wouldn't worry about it. Most people say to flush and do no nutes at the end anyway. Plants know they're dying towards the end of flower so fucked up leaves are normal as long as the leaves off the buds are healthier than the fan leaves.

  3. The buds them self look beautiful but the fan leaves are showing major def in all 3 major nutes. Isn't this when it's supposed to resin up?

  4. You mentioned 10 days to go, so without pics I still say don't worry about it since you mentioned it's the fan leaves. Can't really correct the issue now if it is as bad as you describe.

  5. I'm sorry guys I ment to say "Minor def in the 3 MAJOR nutrients."

  6. I think you're just over parenting the plant :p
    10 days to go and minor fan leaves showing deficiencies sounds normal.
  7. lol dude, stop trippin'
  8. :D:smoking:

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