nutrient deficiency ?

Discussion in 'General' started by cocieetoo, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. can anyone explain whats wrong

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  2. What is your Ph? How do you measure that?
  3. i havent checked it at all , its just a bag seed i found and just decided to see how it would turn out , but any tips on what you think i should do ?
  4. First, this is the wrong section. Posting grow questions in the cultivation section will likely get more responses.
    Second, any time you need help with your plants give more information. Things like pot size, age, lighting, watering schedule, type and amount of nutrients given, grow temps, and brand of soil used can all play a factor in why you have messed up leaves. It's like posting a picture of a random car and asking why it won't start. Who knows.
  5. the orange pot it 5 inches high 6 inches across and i used random backyard soil and its outside everyday in sunlight about 14-10, also i water it with bottled or sink water whenever i stick my finger into the soil and it feels dry so like every 3-5 days

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