Nutrient deficiency or excess? Autoflowers

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  1. Hello,

    i'm feeding my autoplants with Canna Terra set of nutrients according to their feeding schedule. Plants leaves started to get yellow from bottom to the top. I do not understand if this is nutrient deficiency or too much nutrients? I've read that if plants start to yellow from bottom it means its nutrient defficiency.. so not sure if i should continue feeding or just give them simple water?

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  2. What week of flower are they in?
  3. The second photo looks like a fall fade from the flower coming to the end of u
    It's life. She's looking like she's burning up the last of her fuel in the lives to add some extra wait. If you haven't fed properly and it's not towards the end of flower than she's underfed but if she's 7-8weeks in this is normal. The bottom photo tho kinda looks like a iron deficiency imo or some type of deficiency
  4. Check soil p.h.
  5. I've put seed in soil in begining for september, flowering started like 3-4 weeks ago. Should i give more nutes, like Nitrogen?
    Unfortunatelly cannot check soil ph as i dont have instrument
  6. I would try some cal- mag first,or epsom salt,1 table spoon to a gallon of water
  7. Does your soil have a lot of peat in it?
  8. If your at 3-4 weeks your def lacking nutes, what's your PPM on runoff? Plants eating itself.
  9. Lmfao just woke up when I wrote this, so many typos my bad
  10. I think you're past the point of trying to add something to the soil to try and correct it...just let the grow finish out.
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  11. Forgot to mention that 2 plants on the right are younger, i've put seed to soil in begining of october for those 2.
  12. You need to get a ph meter, what ever you can afford
  13. your ph is probably off and the plants cant uptake nutrients if it continues at this rate the bud will be bad and smell like hay
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  14. The ph of your soil directly affects your plants health

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