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Nutrient deficiency in super soil grow 3rd week of flower HELP

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by fictionalname420, May 25, 2019.

  1. Hello all. I am currently in my 3rd week of flower. Over the last week my most vigorous plant (black berry fire from dark heart nursery) has been showing what looks like some kind of nutrient deficiency. Yellowing upper leaves, red petioles, older leaves yellowing with dead portions.

    Super soil- Nature's living soil concentrate (1/3 of container) FFHF
    5 gal fabric pots
    Water PH is 6.7 (spring water that I collect locally 80ppm)
    Top dressed before flip with super soil concentrate (1/8 inch, watered in)
    Watered with concentrate tea 2 days ago
    Day 79, night 70
    RH: 57%
    HLG 600h running at 80% (500watts) and 30 inches
    Plants are 80 days old.

    This is my first time growing indoors and with super soil. The appeal was all I have to do is water, but it appears that isnt true... younger upper leaf vs older lower leaf. Contrast

    I am thinking of trying to feed with some fish emulsion/kelp.

    What do you think is happening to my lady?
  2. Probably not enough soil to support the size of your plants. I would start with regular application of kelp/alfalaf tea
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  3. Bigger pots would fix them.
  4. Thanks, thats what I'll do. I found the link to your recipe for alfalfa/kelp tea. Are those ratios per 5 gallons of water?
  5. yes, 1/4c kelp or 1c alfalfa per 5gallons water, scale to needs.
  6. Thanks. I am planning to apply once per week. I water every 3 days or so. Is this a good place to start? Too much, too little?
  7. Once a week or 10 days for new soil I think is fine.

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