Nutrient Def, Or Ph Problem? PICS

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  1. Hey I haven't been on here in a while but i'm on like my 9th grow.
    I'm using botanicare nutrients, I have the full line and feed according to the Advanced feeding chart.

    now these pics aren't the best, I took them on my webcam.
    I have 1 plant that is yellowing, but that's not my concern.
    The leaves have black spots on them, not brown. I've never seen the black spots like this... I know brown spots can be Mg def and Potassium Def.

    But what the hell causes black spots?


    I know it won't be easy to identify with these pics but does anyone have an idea?

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  2. I've never seen this either,but when in doubt flush them out.

    Is this a new strain?Some strians cant take hardly any nutes,or they will burn.Others will take everything you throw at them.Like I said I would flush,and next feeding go with 1/4 what you used before.

    If its nute burn,and you flush it should show signs of improvment within 5-7 days.If its not then your PH is somewhere in nomans land.
  3. I've never seen that either, have you used a microscope,,, could be bugs...
  4. No they aren't bugs they are fairly large spots, I think flushing is probably the best thing to do. Also, it isn't a new strain it's actually one of the strains I grew when I was just starting out.

    I guess i'll probably flush her with Botanicare Clearex, and see how she does.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. To me it looks like a nitrogen burn combined with a PH imbalance. Flush and cut back on the recommended feeding schedule on the nutrients, should be back to normal in a week or so.
  6. same stuff happened to my autoflower. not sure what it was, i cut her down a little after it showed up cuz it was done.. ide flush as well.

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