Nutrient burn PLEASE HELP

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  1. Hey all so I'm growing in a coco coir perlite with some peat compost mix. It's my first grow. I have a small 4 bulb t5 grow light and I was being stupid and though I could use some flower nutrients on my 1 week seedlings if I only used a little bit of it like 5ml well the next day all new turn turned yellow and has now fuking wilted away. I'm pissed... I have used some blood fish and bone meal feed but it's a powder form that stinks I top dressed some of that in the soil at the same time... can I repair this fk up. I have flushed with water. But I haven't got a ph meter so I have just been using tap water that's been sat out for a few days to get rid of the chlorine...

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  2. Boy, that last photo really hurt!
    I hope someone can come along and tell you how to fix that.
    Were they mine, I'd let them just sit... if only for giggles and grins... and see what happens.
    BUT... I'd be germinating seeds, right now, as well.
  3. Never add nutrients until the plant has at least two or three pairs of true leaves. The Cotyledons do not count.

    Then feed SPARINGLY. Most nutes say to start with feeding solution 1/4 strength or less.
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  4. sounds like u really burned them man. Firstly you should get a ppm and ph meter asap, at this stage i dont even feed them at all just plain filtered tap water (200ish ppm). 5ml doesnt say much, its the ppm that matters. i suggest you keep a couple plants that look healthy and sprout some more seeds, its gonna be difficult to resurrect them. Its still early , you are lucky this didnt happen later. you ll only be 10 days or sth behind schedule so no problem. U can gradually start feeding when they are on their 3rd or 4th node (about 2 weeks) or if they show signs of deficiency earlier, but dont overfeed its only gonna be bad. Less is more here. ppm at 2 weeks should be 300-400 and maybe 2-3 weeks later bump it up to 450-500. I suggest you max at 600-700 in veg, no more. Also watch your humidity (it should more than 60% for the first week or two) .

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