Nutrient burn or Potassium/Cal def?

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  1. Clones- roots began to show- transplanted them in FoxFarmOcean and watered at ph6. Run off not tested because I'm an idiot and forgot. Can't tell if this is Nutes burning or Potassium or Calcium deficiency or even light burn- THey were under a 25w T5 and when I transferred them to pots I changed the light to a bluple Meizhi 300w until they get use to the environment of being not under a dome. The light was set at 2 feet away. Temps holding steady at 26celcius with humidity at 61-75%.They were watered two days ago and still moist. I raised the light at 3ft when I first spotted this on the leaves for fear it was the light intesity. Let me know what you think. Sorry about the blurple but I was on my way out back to work from lunch and could only snap a quick pic.

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  2. Looks like nutrient burn to me. The leaves are also very very dark green. Sometimes, but not all the time, if the leaves are super dark green, they getting to much fert. Though some strains do have very dark green leaves. But I believe its nutrient burn.
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  3. Figured. I was told it was Girl Scout Cookies ( GSC). Thanks for answering.

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  4. Should I flush them even if the soil is still wet or should I wait until the soil is almost dry?

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  5. Just flush now, no need to wait for anything. Remember to check the ph.
  6. Will do thanks ppl! Much appreciated.

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  7. So I went and flushed the one that was looking like it has a nutrient burn and after the water came out I tested and the ph was at 5. I thought maybe a drainage problem so I looked at the bottom and roots were already coming from the bottom holes. Is this possible as I only transplanted it two days ago? Lol Now I think it is a cal/potassium deficiency. I flushed her one more time and the ph was still at 5. I may have to transplant her tomorrow before she becomes root bound or is this normal? When I transplanted her two days ago the roots coming from the cube were only a half inch.

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  8. They can grow roots really fast. Id get the PH sorted out, and Id go to Lowes, and get 1 of soil testing kits with the powder, and test NPK.
    I still say its over fertilized, but the PH urgently needs taken care of. Ive often read FF soil can be hot. Many mix it with 30% Perlite.
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  9. I mixed it with 30% perlite. I think I will flush the medium 24 hours before the transplant and add a bit of lime.

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  10. Will get a kit too thanks!

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  11. Its also best to use BOTH Dolomitic Lime, and Calcitic.
    Use 2 parts Dolomite, to 1 Part Calcitic.
    I believe itsthe Calcitic that will have the fastest affect on soil PH, and the Dolomite, which is Slower Acting, will keep the PH in check later on, when it starts to break down. Dolomite will change PH, but not as fast, and when you use both, you get the complete, and correct ratio of Calcium vs Magnesium.
    Promix BX uses this combination for the stated purpose.
    Calcitic/Dolomite will also buffer the soil, and it wont matter as much what the water PH is, as the lime will buffer it. Promix initially measures 5.8 PH, and stabilizes to 6.2-6.3 after the lime is activated. A couple waterings.
  12. Since I see the roots coming out of the bottom should I transplant it into a bigger pot and add the lime to the soil this time? I can find Dolomite Lime but no Calctic Lime can be found. Or should I add the lime to existing pots and get them healthy before moving them into bigger pots...I think I may have answered my own question lol but would love your opinion.

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  13. I would up pot them., and figure out how to get the soil PH right. Got any Promix BX around?? Wouldn't have to add anything to that, but would still need to correct the soil that is out of kilter.
  14. I have Promix HP. What would the ratio be?

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  15. Its a bit more porous vs BX, and is good too. Some prefer it.

    Id mix it at least 30% HP
  16. Okay will do thanks!

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  17. So I did the mix and transplanted. Hope in a couple of days I see changes. Thanks again for your imput in this.
  18. You also need to figure out how to correct to PH on the soil that is still off.
  19. Did it and fixed! Thx

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  20. Any updates??

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