Nutrient burn or Light Burn????

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  1. Hello, i am a first time grower and i think i am experiencing nutrient burn or light burn. I am growing autos in 4 gallon pots with soil. Plants are entering their 5th week. nutrients are the flora trio from general hydroponics and i am running a 1200W LED hanging 24" above the canopy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. I'm a newbie indoor grower myself, only started growing indoors last December.

    You sound like you've got a similar led light to me, mine is also 1200w. The manufacturer's instructions state to keep at least 24" away from the canopy, so if your lights are the same and you're keeping the lights at this distance then it probably isn't light burn. However, if you're growing in nutrient rich soil and you've started adding nutrients at 5 weeks veg then it could possibly be nutrient burn. This opinion is based on a couple of years of outdoor growing, the little experience I have of indoor growing and the recent research I've done after experiencing "the claw" due to being a bit too generous with the nutes during veg cycle, which resulted in Nitrogen toxicity.

    As I said I'm a newbie too and no expert, I'm sure some of the seasoned growers on here will be able to give you more accurate advice.
  3. How's the PH in and out?
    Are you using a calmag supplement?
    How are your temps?
  4. Would it even be a calcium or magnesium deficiency if grown in soil? I thought good organic soil has a sufficient amount of nutes for the first six weeks or so?
  5. You're led is doubtfully 1200 watts or even equivalent to 1200 of any other lighting. Led manufactures tend to do some shady advertising. They list the wattage the diodes are able to handle but they're ran at less so the diodes last longer. Look for the actual draw of the light. I've seen some of these leds boasting 1000 watts or more but only using a couple hundred. I fell for their gimmick advertising when I bought my first led.

    When taking pics shut the led off and people will be able to help you better seeing the plant in white light and not blurple
  6. If anybody has read the thread "things that annoy you" and read the reply about people replying to threads going about lighting when it is totally unnecessary then you will probably be clenching your teeth/fists in utter annoyance or chuckling to yourself lol.

    As a former electrical installations student I already know that you have to look at the actual power/wattage that the device actually consumes (if the manufacturer provides that info) and not the wattage the manufacturer advertises. I think this post is to ascertain whether or not this member has light or nutrient burn, not the science of leds or led manufacturer's misleading advertising (for so many years I've avoided participating in forums due to the annoying people you're likely to find in them, looks like I'm gonna be doing a lot of teeth/fist clenching, tongue biting as well as a lot of chuckling lol).
  7. I’m gonna reply to this, so you’re saying that the hundreds of people who come to a forum to get help with that they’re trying to accomplish- they’re not ex electricians so you’re just gonna laugh clench your arrogant ass together and spout nonsense to try and make people feel stupid? No one cares, don’t comment if you’re so mad that people come here for help and questions. It’s not common knowledge, people who diligently want to grow some damn weed and think they’re getting a good light. Be mad at the stupid companies who advertise wrong stuff. I’ll say, I’m a new grower and I found some seeds in a bag of weed, I wanted a decent grow light, bought one that I guess you would clench and laugh at, oh well. Must suck being that miserable lmao
  8. Lol I had a feeling someone was gonna get twisted and bent out of shape due to my reply.

    All I will say in response to that is, read the question chasec10 asked, read my original response, read killset's informative but not relevant response to the question, sit and smoke a spliff and meditate on why his response would annoy some people and why some people might perceive it as irrelevant, meditate some more, smoke some more laugh at it and keep it swiftly moving. No arrogance was intended as I'm sure NOT an arrogant person, quite the opposite (again, read my original response).

    No more energy wasted, I'm done talking about LED's. And arrogance. And clenched teeth, fists and butt cheeks. Butt cheeks are smelly. Have a nice day :)

    Now, anymore nutrient/light burn advice for our dear chasec10 anyone? :)
  9. It’s just as easy to give a respectful response to people posting in the forum entitled NEW GROWERS obviously there’s going to be some questions that some arrogance on a pedestal are going to have a problem with. Why don’t you go ahead and mosey on over to the advanced crap forum so you can release those little clenched fists ;)
  10. It is almost as annoying as a pointless post meant for the sole purpose of correcting someone else. You didn't help anything, and in fact did the very thing you are complaining about.

    OP, nutrient burn results in yellowing of the leaves. Being too close to the light, ie light burn, results in bleaching of the leaves. They turn white, not yellow or brown. A third problem you can run in to is damage not from your light, but from the heat that comes from your light. Heat damage will cause the leaves to dry out, twist, and other wise look disformed before they actually get to the point of changing color.
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  11. I can’t really tell what’s going on with that lighting. It’s easier to see problems under natural light. But I do know when it’s light burn, you’re going to see issues on the leaves closest to the light. Nutrient burn is a bit more complicated. I’d first see if it’s light burn. If not, check your PH. Also, here’s s little guide I’ve used.

    Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Plants! | Grow Weed Easy
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  12. The temp is steady at 73 degrees, no cal mag. And PH is between 6.0-6.8
  13. Thank you everyone for the info. I’m going to post better pics under natural light
  14. Lol... we would need to know the true watts of his “1200” watt led to determine if It was to close.. A0DF3A74-3C22-42CD-83BB-D4303998CF75.jpeg

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