nutrient burn or def? please help... first grow

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  1. Hi all,

    I need some expert's opinion on this: I launched this growth about 2 weeks ago:

    grow box, 250W mixed spectrum bulb, temp are ok (about 80-85 degrees), soil is
    Plagron light mix with Perlite.

    after seeing those yellowing tips, I concluded it was probably a Nitrogen def and bought some fertilizer (HESI TNT Complex NPK 6+2+4). This seemed strange since I thought I would not have to add fertilizer the first month with this Plagron light-mix with Perlite...

    So 3 days ago, I put about 5 cl fertilizer with 1 liter of water for each plant (pH measured at 6.4) but since yesterday they are showing some yellowing on all the tips (see photos below). I feared for a nutrient burn and flashed with 1 liter of clear water for each plant. The runoff water looked a bit yellow so I guess that was a good thing, but the yellowing seems to continue to progress today (although still only affecting the tips)... any advice on this? Am I doing it right or does anyone think this could be a nutrient deficiency after all?

    please reply here on on my journal. Would love to have a second opinion!

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  2. 50ml/litre of fertiliser is way way too much

  3. thanks for the answer. i checked and must have misread the first time (it's in some foreign language). I put 10 times the dose...

    how should I flush? with how much volume of water? is there a risk of flushing too much?

  4. do three times the amount the growing container 1gal pot=3gal ph'dwater

    afterwards start with 1/4 strength nutes and work up every other watering.

    good luck
  5. cool. will do it now. I hope they will recover quickly... the water coming out of those pots looks toxic!
  6. also, plagron light mix is low in nutes which is good for starting seedlings and young plants. you,ll need to feed earlier than you would with the bat mix or royalty mix, but not straight away
    start with 1ml/litre

  7. thanks so much! :hello:

    i have a busy evening ahead of me. will post follow up pictures in a few days. I hope the damage will not be too great in the end.

  8. Yeah, you need to flush out and it sounds like someone else already told you how to do this. You'll be off and running after you do this - and you'll have learned a good lesson.

    Even when I use Advanced Nutrients, I only use 25% when I start off. That ensures a lower chance of nute burn, if any at all. I rarely have troubles with burn ever since I've started off lower than the bottle tells me too.

    Actually, you should be looking at yoru plants first, then the bottle to see what you're supposed to do. Well, that's what i do now. I guess beginners need more help when they start out as they prob shouldn't be guessing right off the bat.

    goood luck!

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