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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by newjerseykush, May 29, 2009.

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    i am a first time grower sry if this question is stupid but do u need to add nutrence to grow weed can u use just good old water and sun and good soil ty:)
  2. do a search on "nutrients" in the "beginners" grow section

    if you go into the section you can hit the "search this forum" button

    it's all here - you just have to find it ;)
  3. Jeez, how many times are we going to be asked this??
  4. ive been looking all over have not found it sry
  5. Quite a few, quite a few

    today i'm trying to be relatively patient though :smoking:
  6. ok i jsut did what u said and none of them actully said if u need them or not ethire that or im retarted sry if im annoying u im new to grass city and didnt no how many other times people asked and im trying to lern as much as i can come on rember wen u were a noob like me
  7. I just had a quick bash and came up with 8 threads involving how to start using nutrients on the first page

    have another go

    click "search"

    type in "nutrient" in the keyword bar

    select "Absolute beginners" from the section drop down menu and hit "search"
  8. if u read my post rite i didnt ask how to use them i asked if u didnt use them what would happen like is it absolutly necesery to use them....
  9. /patience

    are you stupid?

    why do you think there are so many fucking threads about using nutrients?
  10. Can you survive without nutrients ???
  11. haha point well taken=)
  12. nutrence hehe

    No offense dude, but I think you should do a whole lot of research before you even start. I joined this forum almost two years ago, and I recently (three weeks ago) started.

    Believe me, I did not have a clue and I am really glad I did not spend any money before reading here a lot. Now, I see the process happening the way it's supposed to happen. I still search thru this place daily reading about sick plants, NUTRIENTS*, health problems, etc. etc. You can literally learn all you need to know without ever posting a questions.

    Just some friendly advice :wave:
  13. ty well apreaciated =)

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