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  1. Is it true that if you eat five nuts of nutmeg you can haloucinate for like two days? I dont plan on trying it but if its true it just amazes me that an ordinary spice can do something like that. Has anybody tried it? Can it damage your body/is it bad for you?
  2. You dont hallucinate, its more like a weed high. You can use the stuff you buy at the store, just put a spoonfull to the back of the throat and swallow. Its a horrible taste though. And you have to remember to drink LOTS of water or else youll have the worst hangover of your life.. sometimes lasting up to 5 days. Like.. you cant even get out of bed.
  3. wow thats pretty crazy. i didnt belive it when my friend told me but i guess its true
  4. why does it amaze you?

    weed is a plant....mushrooms are natural....i dont see how it amazes you? is it just because people call it a "spice"? :confused:
  5. yep, i've done it, it's definately not something I would do again, mind you, but i'm glad i tried it . . . and didn't die.

    But yes, I went down to the store and acquired chopped up organic nutmeg and poured seven heaping spoonfuls into some organic soymilk, pinched my nostrils, and gulped.

    The effects were first experiencedin three hours when I started to feel slightly high like I was drunk and blazed at the same time, but soon a strange feeling overtook me like I had a headache, so I laid down and passed out until ten o clock the next day when I woke up with the worst hangover of my life. I kept on drinking water but I couldn't quench my thirst, every twenty seconds I wanted another big gulp. I couldn't eat because it made me nausous, I had a lot of trouble driving to school where I sat in front of the projector trying not to pass out or cough or puke or anything because I felt very sick at this point. I walked outside at seven pm and by then finally was feeling the effects wear off and sobriety kick in again. I walked over to my friend and bummed a smoke because I felt really really edgy as if I were in shock or something.

    I'll never do nutmeg again, it's just not fun.
  6. I tried swallowing a bunch of nutmeg one time since I heard it gives you a wild buzz ( I was like 15 then), but I got sick and threw it was nasty. Never tried again.
  7. no just because its like an ordinary spice that you can just go and buy it at a store. its just like a 13 year old kid could run over to walbaums and buy nutmeg and take it like a drug and its not illegal. thats just amazing. idk maby im stupid for thinking this
  8. ah, sorry. didnt realize you meant that aspect of it amazes you.

  9. nah, it wouldn't be such a shock to you if you hadn't been conditioned by the drug war to think that our government knew which substances to keep away from the public, they don't. They just pick the ones that they believe will most detriment the society they want to create, aka a society they can control.

    but yeh, i'm not really surprised drugs like that, which are sometimes more dangerous than ganja, are available for mass consumption. but at the same time I don't think our government would think that people would readily commit suicide by ODing on nutmeg, I mean it's just not a pleasurable experience.

    EDIT: Btw, wykid, thanks for changing your sig and avvy man, I'm alot less distracted now thanks to the lack of jessica alba lining various threads. lol :D
  10. yea i was amazed that you can just walk into a store and buy it not just because its a natural nut or w.e.
  11. hahaha, i often found myself distracted too. :eek: :D
  12. ive heard nutmeg highs has the 1/3 theory. 1/3 of the people love it, 1/3 of the people dont mind it, and 1/3 of the peope hate it. i have yet to try it tho
  13. how long does it take to kick in? i tried it at a friends house, i smoked earlier that day and i did it and after a while i felt all hyper and shit. is that how youre supposed to feel? the people that also tried it didnt get no result. are you supposed to inhale it (lol) or just drink it?
  14. I'm wondering about something. Has anyone tried brewing the nutmeg into a tea? Like putting some crushed nutmeg in the filter of a coffeemaker. Would that work?
  15. Eating nasty ass shit for a nauseating buzz and a 3 day hangover = not worth it. :/
  16. I tried nutmeg and for 3 days after all I could do was lay in a chair. It just wasn't possible to do ANYTHING.

    If you want to try it don't go into it thinking that just cause its a spice it can't mess you up to bad. I took about 2 tablespoons and was feeling hangover effects for a week after I took it.
  17. It's fun stuff if done right

    any fellow mdma users will be quick to note the akaloid safrole which is extracted from a bark which happens to be converted to isosaffrole then extracted out to pure or nearly pure mdma
  18. i have a question, will i have to buy the fresh nuts, or can i use the spice in a can from my kitchen? because if i can, im gonna go to my friends house right away and take some.
  19. haha how funny this thread came up anyway my dads friends daughter got caught doin lines of nutmeg just last week i was like wtf and my dad was like yea she was doin lines of it too get high pretty crazy shit

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