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  1. this weekend was nuts i was siting around wondering what to do i had no smoke and i was bored out of my mind. Than I remebered you guys talking about nutmeg so i said what the hell and headed off to the spice rack. Sure enough my mom has it, after downing a crap load of nut meg i realized it tasted like shit. so i took some oregono and pack a bowl half full and the rest with net meg let me tell you what i was fucked up it felt like i was on dust i spent the whole weekend tripin and im still feeling it. A bowl of nutmeg will last you about 2hrs!!!!!!!! nutmeg rocks
  2. Never tried it myself. I tend to stick to the sweet herb, lol. ;)
  3. you mixed nutmeg and oregeno and smoked it? i don't think i'm understanding correctly here..
  5. you smoked nutmeg??

    what the fuck, i thought you ate the stuff

  6. u do....or thats how iv always heard it..
  7. Hey BluntSMoker next time you feel like saying some thing like that stick your fist in your mouth...

    Ok back to the point i dont care what you people say Oh your suppose to eat it well he did...Oh your not suppose to smoke it well he did and geuss what kiddies? he got fucked up too? so insted of trying to make him feel bad for what hes done i want to know what the hell exactly he did so i can give it a try so fugg off lol
  8. that placebo effect must really be somethin... made u feel like u were on dust eh?

    sorry to be skeptical like all the others that doubted u, but ive never heard of nutmeg bein smoked and none of the reports on erowid show any other method of ingestion except orally.
  9. yo i wasnt trying to make him feel bad... i just thought u were suposed to eat it...but if u can smoke its all good.
  10. damit guys now i feel all sad... ive takin like fuggin 5 spoons of coffie allready smoked a bowl of ressin and im about to take a spoon of that NutMeg stuff weith cinamon in it :( im sorry Token Ninja and any one else i offended :( wtf i usally never act like this lol .

    p.s I May try to smoke a little rock of that NutMeg stuff ill let you know how it went if i do.
  11. its cool man...uhh tell me if it actually works smoking it...
  12. I like how Chronic420 thinks.
  13. hehe why thank you :) well i just took 4 spoon hits of Nutmeg and cinamon now im feeling pretty good right now and still a little jittery from the coffie heh but if Any one else wants to do NutMeg READ THIS****

    This is how you should take it if your afraid of the taste.

    Get NutMeg.
    Get Cinamon.
    Get Spoon.

    Poor some nutmeg in the spoon then lace it with the cinamon on top.

    Put a little cinamon on the palm of your other hand right before you take the spoon of NutMeg then put the cinamon on your other hand and hold it in your mouth then take the spoon of nutmeg and put it in your mouth
    Right after you do this wash it down with cold water try to Gulp it down Mainly all your gonna taste is the cinamon wich is Much better tasting than the NutMeg.
  14. hi guys sorry been away for awhile didn't expect anyone to post on this board any way yea it worked for me when i smoked it all you have to do is pack a bowl half full with orgono or any other green herb and poor the nut meg on top. the great thing about smokeing it is that it last forever and you done have to taste it. By the way iwasnt offened by anything you guys said. im just glad people are actually talking to me now anyway going to listen to rob zombies tecno remix and smoke a bowl. peace alll keep smokin
  15. thanks Chronic420 for sticking up for me
  16. heh :) no problem man were all friends here.

    So you actually did smoke the Nutmeg? well can ya give us some examples like how was it? was the high good did you see any thing?

    IMPORTANT! Allright this is my soul Opinion on this matter.
    Never ever Ever Never ever ever never reven
    Eat Ground Coffie for a Caffine High
    trust me it taste so fuggin nasty
    and i was up till 6 in the morning with
    a splitting head ach from it and was
    jittery all night so never go for a
    caffine high. but the Nutmeg was
    pretty kool.

  17. that is some funny shit.

    but i must try this nutmeg i think i will eat it then smoke it with oregano.
  18. the high was great i was lost in my own little world and any noise made me laugh i had no care about anything and to other people it looked like i was in a trance.

    After smoking about to bowls i walked to the city and hung out in the middle. next thing i know imn freaking out and lighting a trash can on fire i have no clue why i did this all i can say is that i had a great time and i will do it again.
  19. as far as I know you're only supposed to eat it, but in any case you should use fresh, whole nutmeg, not powdered stuff from a canister. They put chemicals and shit in it.
  20. thats what the orgeno is for, thats why you put it in first so it does not go thru, the oregno lets it burn when you mix it together and yes im a little crazy

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