Nutmeg: i need some info...

Discussion in 'General' started by smokey_the_bear, May 7, 2005.

  1. i just bought nutmeg the ground, and i have the nutmeg nuts i need to no which ones to take and how much i should take yeah i no its a stupid thing to do but i cant smoke weed cause my grand parents are here this week
  2. nutmeg actually fucks you up. its not a good fucked up though. you feel good for about an hour then you get sick and sleep for a long time. to get good affects you should take 1 gram for every 10 pounds of body weight. so if you weight 130 pounds you would eat 10 grams.
  3. Dude go out and relax outside, take a walk, anything. A break from mind-altering substances is good. Can you really not deal with reality for a few days with your grandparents?

    Also, Nutmeg sucks, it makes you sick and is very bad for you, dont do it...
  4. It sounds unpleasent to me. If you're going to do nutmeg you might as well take an e instead.
  5. why the fuck would u want to do nutmeg, just climb up a tree or the top of ur house or something and toke till ur heart is content.. remember, they arent gonna climb up no tree for some reason and bust u or something....
    no.. dont listen to anything ive just said, respect the grandparents and just wait till they leave... its only a week.....
  6. well nutmeg for me is a huge downer and it makes me soo tired and weak....just about to the point where all i want to do is not hang out but to sleep (AND GOOD SLEEP IT IS!!!) but there is also a problem while get soooo much cotton mouth so i wake up sooooo dry mouth to go gulp down some water....and i get sooo red eyes

    i usually do an ounce, extremely nasty shit to take in....

    but that shit lasts for like a whole day or so
    i've done it three times i think

    eh its not that great...just something to try i guess..nothing wrong with it
  7. i dont know what you guys are talking about, i liked the nutmeg high that i got, i took 2 tbls and i weigh 125 lbs, i got a strong weed high for hours, and it was sweet. there are a few downfalls though the taste, how long it takes to take effect, and the hangover the day after.
  8. see... hangover... that why i smoke weed... cause u dont get them?
  9. exactly, weed is definetly way way better, but if yuo cant, like i couldnt(drug tests) nutmeg is sweet. lol,

  10. Check your math. You mean 13 grams?

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