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  1. Hello,
    I got caught by the cops smelling like weed and I had to go to the station, get tested, etc. I came up clear because I wasnt smoking weed, I was with people who were smoking it so I was cleared. I am looking to get high legally and found I can get high off nutmegs. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to go about making the mixture for the nutmeg juice?
  2. First off, I wanna say that I found the high very unpleasant. But if ya wanna try it, just take a tablespoon full and mix it with milk (don't overdose it, it only makes you feel shittier)
  3. Well, can you recommend me a high thats not huffing, or OTC drugs?
  4. Problem with nutmeg is that it takes a good 7-8 hours before optimal effects kick in (Light bakedness kicks in early though..)

    However, the absolute best way to do nutmeg is to get the actual nuts from a health food store or a bulk-food store. They're fucking expensive as balls though so watch out. Last time I did a trip I ingested 7 nuts, after smashing them with a hammer in spoon-fulls. Wash it down with water or milk. I ate the shit at midnight, went to bed, woke up extremely baked the next morning for school - so much so that I could not attend 1st period.

  5. Yes.

    If you wanna trip balls, theres always salvia.

    If you feel like eating poison, theres datura.

    If you wanna spend too much theres spice gold.

    If you wanna cook your brain theres Nitrous

    Maybe Fly agaric, but I havent tried it so I make no reccomendations.

    Theres lions tail, a nice mild high.

    Wild lettuce (lettuce opium) , a nice sedated feeling, with clear headedness and awesome dreams, but you should probably buy an extract (or make your own).

    If you like acid, theres morning glory seeds which have LSA in them, which is similar to LSD.

    Uh...thats all I can think of right now...:D
  6. Nutmeg.. is this serious? And are you sure the cops drug tested you for smelling like weed?
  7. Nutmeg, in high quantities like I did (Around 40 grams) tends to tranquilize you to the point where you imagine the feeling to being similar to that of heroin. But, that is because you can OD off Nutmeg as it is extremely toxic.
  8. that's crazy I have never heard of that!
  9. Doesnt nutmeg just make you delirious? That doesnt sound fun.
  10. i heard the high was very unpleasant like somebody said happened to them in a previous post.

    It also gives you a wicked bad headache.... just stick to weed or liquor man.

    Shit shrooms or acid will do even better ;)

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