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  1. ive been planning on growing and have done all my research and im gonna start with some bag seed. the only thing i havent been able to decide on is a good set of cheap nutes to use for this first grow...any and all advice would be great....thanks
  2. Assuming you are gonna try in a 5 gal bucket - you have enough dirt to support a decent mico-farm so you will be able to use Miracle Grow - dont get much cheaper than that..
  3. dont use miricale grow i like fox farm, earth juice, or advanced nutes
  4. Dont use miracle grow....yes I know it works and ppl have success with it (myself included). I won't go into details but MG is a fert and products are like Fox farm are nutrients. (Cheesburger vs. a grilled chicken salad). Yeah the cheesburger sounds bomb :smoke::yummy: but you know you are better of eating the salad.

    The FF nutes aren't that expensive and the bottles will last you awhile since you dont seem to have a whole lot of plants.

    Hope this helps :wave:
  5. Do you have a local hydro store around? Pick up some Flora Nova from GH its good stuff. If not you could use bat guano? Good luck let us know how it goes! :wave:
  6. thanks for all the help guys decided to go with the popular fox farm trio...went and picked it up today and should be starting this grow this weekend

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