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  1. Just wondering if anyone else is using the General Organics Starter box
    If so are you having any issues with browning of leaves in veg
    I think my issue is my light was too close have moved it
    Have been told it could be too much N and i should flush and lower my nutes 180710Unknown%2BSeeds%2B1.jpg IMG_20180710_120355_557.jpg IMG_20180710_113906.jpg

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  2. Looks like claws... I agree, way too much N.
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  3. Looks more like a ph problem than just N tox to me mate.
    Maybe a bit too much N but the funky twisted leaves makes me think its more on the ph side which is causing it.
    If youve got ph + ppm metre lets know what your putting in and what it runs back out at.
    Be able to fix it with that info

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    PH 6.0 going in - 6.3-6.5 coming out
    PPM going in 590 will test run off in a day or two when I do another flush
    Already did a heavy flush yesterday Felt pots still heavy today ( have two fans at all times in the room 1 high 1 low)
    Heads Up I am using
    1gal and 3 gal felt pots
    Week 6 of veg
    Following the general organics GO box Chart extended Veg week 3 on their chart
    It may have been that I used regular tap water and my PPM at the tap keeps changing, the day I did my last feed I did not test and just PHed to 6.0
    strange thing is my bloom room has three plants in there - I fed the same day with same water (diff. Nutes) but they are OK under all LED
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    Dont know what I did - Hope they all live

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  6. Were these plants recently transplanted into the coco? I doubt it’s your tap water, especially being in coco. I use tap water, sometimes without even letting the chlorine evaporate and never have a problem. My ppms range from 100-200 out of the tap.
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  7. No they have been in these 1 gal felt pots for 2 weeks of Germ and 5 going on 6 weeks(starts tomorrow) of Veg under T5 lights
    My tap water is well water no Chlorine - and it is usually around 90PPM when I tested it, it was mostly Cal and Zinc
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  8. I will be taking more pictures and posting them tomorrow
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  9. ok - flushed - looking better - good new growth already - will do a half dose feeding tomorrow when they dry up and see how it goes
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  10. Sorry bud i never spotted this till now.
    Based on your description there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with your feed.
    Very good description though, thats exactly what we need when your asking aboht problems. Saves us scratching our heads for hours trying to figure it out.

    Reckon youve fixed it already with the flushing and it just needs a little time to settle down.
    If the new growth is ok then your plants should be on the mend.
    A lot of people dont advise regular flushing but i feed just water once a week-ish just to make sure i dont get any issues.
    Always better for them to be a wee bit hungry than overfed.

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  11. yeah - I think I will feed Less volume more frequently - and do water every other or so
    Def. think they are on the mend - first run so expected to have to adjust the procedure
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  12. If u use tap water fill up a pail u should let it sit 24-48 hours before u test the ph in it n use it .
  13. I have a 2 gal water jug I use - I fill it and let it sit for at least 24 hours
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  14. 36-48 hrs would be ideal.
  15. Here are todays pics
    6th week of veg so sticking to my plan i topped them and started some clones
    Already looking better 1 day after flush
    Had on in veg already showing sex - unfortunately it was male and was pulled and clone trashed let see what the other 12 do 180712Unknown%2BSeeds%2B1.jpg 180712US1-11.jpg 180712US1-9.jpg 180712US1-11.jpg 180712US1-1.jpg

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  16. Yes some leaves fell off during this entire process looks like this one might loose a couple still
  17. I suggest going organic. Check my current journal for a quick recipe. Youll only ever have to add normal water. A lot of new growers around me have adopted this recipe. Youll easily pull 8oz per auto.
  18. I am organic 100%
  19. And thats 6 week veg ? They look small for 6 weeks of veg.
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  20. Just topped about 10 inches on most some smaller and tighter not much stretch on any

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