Nutes While switching to flower??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by timetrial, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I will be switching a plant to the flowering cycle soon but I just watered it yesterday with some vegging nutes. Should I wait and flush the plant before switching to flowering or will it be fine right now? Also, I have some old shultz expert gardener fertilizer which I am planning on using during flowering. It is 5-30-5. Should I use this right off the bat during flowering? Thanks for all the input. It is appreciated.
  2. anyone? a little help?
  3. You shouldn't need to flush until a couple of weeks before you harvest. The fertilizer you have now should be fine, but I would recommend the schultz bloom stuff, it has worked well for me.
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  4. cool. I thought that it should be ok but part of me was saying that the plant shouldn't have any nutes in it when it switches cycles. Thanks for your input.
  5. I like to give my plants a healthy dose of N fertilizer a week or so into fertilizer. This will hopefully hold the plant until the end but, occasionally I have to give an N ferting deep into flower to combat early yellowing of the leaves. Otherwise you can start your flowering nutes a week or so into flowering or after your N ferting.
  6. Will the 5-30-5 ferts be good enough, or are they too strong?

  7. Depends on what you gave it for veg growth. If you gave it 30-5-5 for veg for example, then the 5-30-5 will be ok. If you gave it 7-3-5 for veg for example, then going to 5-30-5 for flower would be too much. You want to try to have similar ratio's for veg and flower.

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