Nutes! Substitutions?

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  1. Hi Guys:wave:

    So today at the grow shop, Dude(My Guy was out) who seems to know his stuff, helps me out. Im talking nutes w/the dude and he recommends I use Age Old Organics- Age Old Kelp(0.30-0.25-0.15) and Superthrive( .09% vitamin B1, .048% 1-Napthyl acetic acid) instead of Thrive Alive B-1 Red(1-1-1).:cool:

    Sounds good to me, but what the hell do I know? I read the labels, it makes sense and sounds like they are similar.:rolleyes:

    So heres the questions: Is this ok?, or should I have picked up the Thrive Alive? How much of it should I use? Do I need 3x the kelp? Why dont I get?:confused:

    Anyhow, I hope this is posted in the right place. Also that it makes some sort of sense. Thank you for reading, hope someone can help me out:)
  2. With hormone and vitamin supplements you want to simply follow the instructions on the bottle. I have heard good things about the Age Old Kelp product, and everyone seems to use SuperThrive...

    Kelp products can, and usually do, contain high quantities of sodium. This element can interfere with the uptake of other Cations like Calicum, Potassium, and Magnesium, if it is over-abundant in the media. To reduce this risk ensure that you are getting at least 25% of what you use as runoff to rinse out buildup and never use more than suggested.

    I prefer to use General Organics BioWeed. Suggested strength is 2.5ml/gallon and I use 2.0ml/gallon with great results. I suggest you do something similar (like, they suggest 5ml/gal so you should use 4ml/gal) based on the instructed use of Age Old kelp.

    These products are used to build roots and will also decrease node length. Discontinue both by the 15th day of flowering.
  3. Thank you SCMC for the info. Ill start slowly and see how well the plants do. Im still hesitant to use it as a substitution for the b1 red..... but I supposed this is how we learn. Thank you again for helpin me out.
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  7. I don't know any reason why it wouldn't be ok.

    For your questions, Is it ok? Nothing wrong with it. How much? What's on the label. 3x the Kelp? Three times what the directions say? No. Why don't you get? I dunno.
  8. Thank you Jellyman.

    I question the ratios. If I am using 1 as a sub for the other, the amounts are off. One is 1% nitrogen, the sub is .30%, and so on. I don't plan on straying from the feeding instructions of whichever product i chose. I just feel like one is half as awesome... even at a third of the price. I don't want to give up quality for a deal, and yet I don't want to waste my hard earned funds either.

    Maybe I have just over thought it. I will sit down, chill out, give it a try....see what happens.

    I didnt intend on this coming out so lame. Sorry for the ramble.
  9. The benefits of hormones and vitamins, these supplements, is not found in the npk. The different concentrations of nutrients between the products makes little difference to their effect. You should depend on your primary nutrient system to provide the macro elements. Not your supplements.

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