Nutes schedule for 12/12 from seed

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  1. Hi, im using 12/12 from seed and i bought biobizz pack with grow, bloom, heaven, root juice and topmax. My soil is Biobizz all-mix.

    Im in week 1 so i only used 1ml per liter of root juice to help the roots

    In about 21 days im gonna see the sex and transplant to bigger pots.

    My question is which nutes should i use and when?

    My thought is to start giving nutes only in flowering but for example the grow is for veg. I know they still veg but at that time im in flower and before im using the soil nutes.

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    I'm not sure I'm following your question. Since you know to use grow nutes for veg. Once it starts to flower, just switch to bloom nutes. Some people use grow/bloom together when the plant start to flower. It's not necessary, but if you feel your plant is lacking nitrogen, you can give it grow nutes along with bloom nutes once or twice to help it out.
  3. But i read everywhere that u should give nutes after 3 weeks because of the soil nutes. In that time, because of my method, i'm flowering.
  4. I see what you're saying. Yea, if your soil comes infused with nutes, than you would be correct about not adding nutes for 3 weeks. If your plant starts to flower after 3 weeks, just go straight to bloom nutes. You can also use molasses every other watering throughout the flowering stage. Just be sure to flush 2-3 weeks before harvest.
  5. i personally would use my veggin nutes once it was ready for nutes for twoi weeks, then switch to my flowering nute thru the finish.
  6. Ok i'll try that, thanks both :)

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