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Nutes!!!! how do I ............?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by doobiemarley, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Ok so I just bought miraclegrow bone meal, how do use it if my plant just started flowering? Do i sprinkle it around the plant or add a layer on too of my medium?
  2. Doobie -

    Bone meal is not a soluble nutrient. It is ground up bones which, while it contains quite a bit of phosphorous, must be broken down by soil microbes before it will benefit your plants.

    Most gardeners when using it outside will add it to thier gardens in the fall so that it has time to break down - ie: "Nutrient Cycle" into its elemental form so that the plant(s) can use it as plant food. Until it is broken down it is utterly and completely useless.

    Next time think ahead and add it to your soil mix before you plant. For you to add it right now is, well, useless. Those folks who do use it in an organic soil mix will add it when constructing the soil and then set it aside for 4-6 weeks before planting in it - again, for nutrient cycling time.


  4. Ok what do I use then? Miracle Grow Bloom Booster? Shirt of ordering nutes.
  5. What are you growing in?

  6. Order nutes
  7. Seed starting mix
  8. This is obviously my first grow its a fem/auto and veged from October until a week ago I started 12/12 and pistols have started Popping but I want the biggest buds I can and so I want to add a nutes but don't have time to order foxfarm/tiger. I will for my next grow? Which will be Afghan kush x Yumboldt auto/fem if you know anything about that plz let me know. The strain I'm growing now is Ripper seeds Criminal+
  9. What had you planned on doing for this grow, planting in a seed starter mix that has no nutritional value at all?

    I must say I'm puzzled.

  10. Can you post a picture?
  11. Like I said I'm NEW and was ignorant the way I jumped into this blind! But how about suggestions, I want to keep my lights. (Ultra sun cfls) but as far as mediums go since the seed starters are not good! And I don't have foxfarm nutes but I would like to know what to get from a local nursery.
  12. Your best bet at this point would probably be to go to a hydroponics store (can you go to a hydroponics store?) and buy yourself an inexpensive nutrient, such as General Hydroponics Bloom and a small inexpensive pH test kit that comes with a little bottle of Up and a little bottle of down. The fella at the hydro store can tell you how to use them.

    It will probably? cost you, maybe $35 to $40?

    You don't have a lot of options at this point. Since there is no nutrition in the seed starter mix you really need an all-purpose nutrient, and as you are blooming you will want to use a "bloom nutrient".

    The problem (one of the problems) with the fertilizers you will find at Home Depot or hardware stores is that they are more of a "supplemental" nutrient. You really need a nutrient that has everything in it that a plant needs to grow, as you are basically in an inert medium.

    I hope this helps. We've all started out somewhere and learned from our mistakes. Take this as a lesson and plan ahead next time.

    I garden organically myself, which means I mix different things together and make my own potting soil, which allows me to not use bottled nutrients, simply keeping the soil moist from start to finish. If you're interested in this method read here -

    If you want to go the hydro route there are threads around here to help you get started as well. This is a thread that any new gardener should at least read too - Absolute Beginners - Forums

    Good luck pal. It gets easier as you practice.

  13. Thanks a lot kind sir!
  14. You're welcome. Get back to me if you have any further questions but your best bet right now is to read, read, read.



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