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  1. need info on nutes please
    hey its my first grow andi just recieved my seed today.. im starting ther germ process.. my question is

    will i need to add nutes during the veg process??

    also how often do i add nutes? every water or once a week??

    any input would be much appreciated
  2. never grew soil but from what i've read , you should add nutes 2-3 weeks in veging, depending on the soil you're using and the nute content it has. and you should start off feeding once a week and then to 2 and see ow the plants are likeing it . you dont want to over feed couse mj is a greedy plant and it will eat everything you put in it . you are going to have to test the waters. good growing

  3. i plan on getting some dollar store or wal mart seed starting soil then about a week or two after spout i will transplant in FFOF soil

  4. dude.. i seriously hope ur not serious about Dollar store or walmart soil... Everything u do is an investment if u think about it.. Dont worry about the cost cuz in the end even just one plant could pay for ALL ur grow op supplies 10 times..

    nd if u need some nutes.. get this pack! cuz who says u just need nutes during the veg state =P Advanced Nutrients | Hydroponics | Plant Fertilizer oh and they also have a calculator thats does the measurements for u and the weekly scheduelles. Be sure not to over do it on the nutes either and check ur PH level weekly
    oh and use the search funtion..

  5. yea i was serious with the dollar store wal mart bull crap... i didnt think it would actually matter at first... i would go wit miracle grow for the seeding but im scared cuz i heard it burns the isnt the going to buy FFOF thursdaY but i started the germ process today... what kind of soil do u recommend for seeding? something from either walmart,home depot, lowes..just from germ process
  6. go ahead and use that cheap stuff . u got thr right idea with mg burning sprouts
  7. seedlings need "zero" nutes for the 11-14 days. some folks wait until they have 3 alternating internodes. so you don't want to put them any pre-ferted mediums, that includes ffof. at seedling stage they get all the nutrients they need from the cotyledons, (the first/round leaves.) if you're growing in soil, feed once a week. some folks feed every 5 to 6 days, but to be safe, just feed once. if they get dry between feeds, water with properly ph'd plain water. ignore the feed strengths listed on the nute labels. almost w/o exception, they're all too high. this is so you'll use it up, and rush on down to the store and buy more. i certainly wouldn't want to learn on a line of nutes that can be extremely difficult to master, like advanced. get yourself some pure blend or a 2 part mix and keep it simple. also, if you're going to use some pre-ferted mix like ffof, remember to compensate for the pre-added nutes by using a reduced feed strength.

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