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  1. what are the best recommended nutes for a hydro grow.. any links

    tips are appreciated to all
  2. -for non organic nutes that are cheap the GH 3 part nutrient line works just fine
    -The flora nova series is another option but it is a one part fertilizer, one for veg an one for budding

    my favorite organic fertilizer is botanicare's pure blend pro. its great stuff imo

    here's the site I buy all my shit from, theres a bunch of nutrient brands. take a look.
  3. I use the Lucas formula (sorry i cant link you atm)but it uses the GH 3 part but only uses the micro and bloom,its very easy,works very well and is cheap and found nearly everywhere.
  4. floranova bloom = the lucas formula in one bottle that you use end to end

    I tried it with soil, hydro, hempy buckets, coco and they all grew nice

    its foolproof mj cultivating because you feed based on lights, not growth stage

    (except for seedlings of course)
  5. Iv got 9 AN products and now am only using GH,added the AN in special amts. i got on another thread on my last grow and did well too.This time im only using the GH to see what happens,proly wont really be able to compair cause im now vegging under MH not T5s.
  6. I prefer Advanced Nutrients... No other nutrients I've tried have even come close to them... even the basic grow micro bloom is great... And for 1 liter costing about 10 bucks and only needing ~2-6 mL/liter, this stuff is economical as well:D

    They have a really useful nutrient calculator as well, plus if you call their support line, they have some awesome advice... They also don't care what it is that you grow with their products ;)

    P.S. It's also Canadian and from BC, which instantly makes it awesome :p
  7. Also the AN line was specifically formulated for MJ use in paticular,no other nute can say that.I may add my special recipie of AN for the flowering in addition to the GH Lucas,all the AN products i have are sups used with any main nutes.
  8. LOL thats not far from the truth!

  9. Damn, I usually mention that :p

    I prefer the AN GMB as my base nutrients, nothing else quite compares to it:D

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