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  1. hi all i have 2 lots of nutes here and need to use one of them now. can you tell me which will be best. the plant is on day 19 of flowering.

    these nutes are.

    1) npk 10.6-4.4-1.7

    2) npk 7-7-7

    cheers for any advice.
  2. i would stick with a bloom formula, something that rates 5-15-5 or something that rates x-30-x (x = whatever value.. as long as the middle is high :)).. it usually gives a very balanced bloom, although most people have moved to using organics

  3. Neither of those is designed as a bloom formula. You need the middle number (P=phosphorous) to be higher.
  4. mmm pretty much exactly what i said lol

  5. 0-10-0 or 0-10-5 or 5-30-5 would all be examples of blooming/flowering formulas.
  6. happnin squeak. do what they said
  7. Im sorry to post on your post. But I was wondering. The X-X-X of nutes.. Wahts the numbers meaning? Im starting indoor. Wanted some tips for what nutes to use a constant White widow clone grow :)

  8. The x-x-x represents the Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P) and Potassium???(K???. -_-u) values present in the fertilizer. Ferts higher in Nitrogen, for example 15-x-x(where x<10), assist plants more in the vegetative state. Bluntly put they grow better when N is present. However, once a plant begins to flower, it's growth increases exponentially so it needs more Phosphorus. Weed(the buds) is basically a fruit, so the plant, wanting to make the best fruit possible, begins sucking up nutrients around it with its roots at an accelerated rate. The plant above the surface begins to grow faster(people report 1"-3" growth spurts over night) and more importantly so do the roots. Phosphorus has properties that promotes root growth.


    Good luck on the grow mashed.

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