nutes for flowering

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  1. So what are some good brands of nutrients and fertilizers to use during flowering that are inexpensive? I had a friend who would use that MG bloom booster and his plants would have massive buds, even tho I've heard so many people talk down on MG. What are some other inexpensive alternatives?
  2. whats up are you growing organic or not and i use an nutes thay work mint i use both lines conn and sensi line i ve been following a feed reg from ht mag a old time pro i using that is 10ml conn a and b pre ph perfect 8ml rino 5ml hygrozym 5ml bio bud from gho 5ml camg gho 10ml big bud an that feeding reg is 1200ppm with r/o in soil pulling down 6zs per plant at finish hight at 5 to 6 feet the best resalts i ever saw been doing this for 10 years now and al i can say is wow this guy that did that artical dose the battle of bridge border war canada and usa tryed it twice it works u wont to feed water water feed good luck
  3. and that was per gallon of water

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