Nutes ecm and tds in Flood and Drain

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by raymont, Jan 29, 2023.

  1. I just wonder why can't you watch you ppm /tds and adjust accordingly. If the ecm drops why not add nutes to return to your starting point. Do you really need to change your reservoir complete. The plant doesn't produce waste..(think poop) why not just keep you tds and add nutes to balance. The say no questions a dumb here's mine.Thoughts?
  2. Some people have success just topping up using solution. You should be doing this. But after a while, without analysis, one doesn't really know what the plant is taking up. For example, what if the EC is going down because the plant is taking up all the phosphorous and leaving behind lots of N and K; thus by adding more nutrients, you may get to excessive levels of N and K. Also, some buildup of bacteria or whatever else maybe occurring, so a little cleanout is recommended from time to time.
    But myself, I try to preserve my res as long as I can.
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  3. The reason, bacteria, as it grows in the soup it alters the ph...many in DWC know this
    not cleansing your rez 1x per week results in much loss ..
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