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  1. Has anybody got a good method of pouring nutrients out of a 1 qt. bottle without it dribbling back all over the bottle and then the counter? Not only is it a mess, it's wasteful! I wish these manufacturers would use some other container!
  2. I use these pumps on my gallon jugs.... probably will work for the one quart bottles as well .... I found them at my local Hydro Store[​IMG] less mess and easy to measure each pump is 1 oz ...they have different sizes too

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  3. I looked at those in my local store. They won't fit in the quart bottles so the mess would occur when I lifted them out. I only grow 4 plants a season, I don't really want to hafta buy 1 gal. jugs! Thanks for responding!
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  4. just buy a set of pump bottles on amazon or something and fill them as you go.
    or you can try squeeze bottles
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  5. Duh, on me! Thank you! This is exactly what I need! I didn't think of transferring the solutions to a seperate bottle all together! I'm going to get opaque bottles in case the nutes are light sensitive! I bet the dollar store has red ketchup & yellow mustard bottles! :)
  6. IMG_0108.JPG Works great! Thanks for the tip!
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  7. Hahah the ketchup and mustard is great! I use a 60cc syringe for nutes. It's the best, no mess and precise. Highly recommend

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