Nutes and training methods

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  1. Hey guys I was wondering what nutes are good for vegging and flowering. Also what training methods have you all had most success with. Thank you guys for putting your input :)

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    If I can remember FIM (fuckimissed) is my best

    as for vegging

    I have used my pee/urine 1 teaspoon to a gallon

    best is nettles left to rot for a week then applied at the same 1 teaspoon /gallon

    good luck
  3. Dunno if serious
  4. it is ..

    what do you have an issue with..?
  5. What does urine do? Just curious bc when u pee that's the bad stuff leaving your body how can that be good for the plant

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  6. There are lots of good quality nutes and a shitload of additives available. I prefer simplicity - I only use MaxiBloom from start to finish - the only additive I use is silica blast. For training - I scrog. Good luck.
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  7. Why would you use your piss as nutes? That's gross as fuck, I would never smoke your weed lol
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  8. Nitrogen... o_O not that odd though a lot of people find it gross... I mean you use chicken shit and bat shit and any other type of shit you can find worm shit.... but god forbid you give it extremely diluted piss mixed with water lol...

    Grow journal
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  10. Yep they're just crowded together eating nasty gmos and getting pumped full of chemicals lol... not all of em of course but some of em yes. A lot of these animals aren't eatin any healthier than us lol

    Grow journal
  11. I'm gunna vouch that a herbivore has a better diet than 90% of the population lol unless you're a vegetarian, vegan, or pescaterian with a strict diet.. I'll steer clear of that method
  12. ForumsMarijuana CultivationAbsolute Beginners it says a lot about a member...see the (N) content
  13. You can call it what you want

    the nute industry does after all its the same

    all Bottled Sewage

    where do you think Nutes come from

    just be aware of the preservatives

    good luck
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  14. Soluble nitrogen is soluble nitrogen unless its artificial

    as you know..?
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  15. I guess it does make sense when you put it that way, just seems so weird to me haha
  16. But you have raised a vital observation regarding the build up of Human Medical waste in 'organic' soils

    as most good soil companies get a large percentage of their manure from human sewage farms then mix it with local
    organic matter...few corporations discuss the matter

    medical waste as in medications passing thru the human body then building up in the sewage farm ..
  17. Super crop lolipop lst when u cant snap em silica can help calmag some type of liquid flower, veg, bloom booster soil or coco same except for nute schedule
  18. Ps do not pee on your plant
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