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  1. whats the difference between nutrients and fertilizer, what exactly are both, and what are the best times/amounts to use either
  2. both mean the exact same, nutrients are in fertilizers (ie, potassium and nitrogen are nutrients where as Miricle Grow (BAD!!!) is a fertilizer... the fertilizer has different ratios of nutrients in it, ie 5-15-5), and there are commercial and organic fertilizers. Some growers live and die by organics, where as i find i get the best results from Commerical

    Its really a personal preference
  3. Technically the nutrients are the actual chemicals being delivered, a fertilizer is some kind of formulation that delivers them. As used in general MJ cultivation conversations they mean the same thing.
  4. ok um how much do i add and when

  5. ......

    you are just re-wording my posts...this is the second time..and its not making you sound like you know ANYTHING. i dont think anyone on here needs to be told twice. I think i do a pretty damn good job of saying it the first time... i dont need a parrot

    You should add fertilzers in 50% of the reccomended dose every second time you water the plants (about once a week)

  6. Hey man, it's all good. Fact is a lot of posters get a lot of benefit from hearing more than one person's opinion. They might get two different views or they might get some corroboration and reassurance from more than one giving the same feedback.

    I post a lot here -- sometimes first, sometimes last. To be honest, I don't even recall what other thread I've posted to that you also did. No offense, but you aren't on my radar screen (very few people are). I probably don't warrant being on yours.

    No worries, peace love and understanding, all that crap. OK?
  7. thats cool man, no hate, roast a bowl to ya, happy growin'


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